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P1080271On August 27, 2009, a play and therapy room especially designed for disabled youngsters was formally opened.

A substantial room is now chock-full of toys, soft-play equipment, a ball pool, touchy-feely panels and other paraphernalia designed for work with disabled children. There we can work in cooperation with other organizations that cater for some of the city’s least fortunate youngsters drawn from the surrounding community as well as for the young residents of the Pink House. All these can benefit from a combination of play, therapy and sensory stimulation. Muscles will be strengthened and mental and physical dexterity improved. Various interactive routines will promote behavioural responses like choice and expectation while the children can explore phenomena such as colour, height, size, texture and weight.

Representatives of the Open Society Club joined members of the EQ board and other members of the team at the complex in welcoming our guests from the local authority and peer organizations working in the sphere of disability and learning difficulty.

We’d like to take this opportunity to both thank and congratulate all those whose vision and hard work ensured the facility took shape in a very short period of time.