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admin“Hello, B.,

Our names are Lilly and Bobby and we decided to make you part of the happiest and most important day in our lives – our wedding. Although we don’t know each other, we want you to know that your story touched not only us and our parents but also all our guests. No matter how beautiful flowers are, they fade and get forgotten in a few days. Good deeds don’t. That is why we called on all our guests to take part in a good cause, namely to help something valuable – a child’s life. We hope that our support will help you to grow a big, strong, brave and happy boy.

And never forget: There is only one real treasure – a good heart!”

(A personal message from the Yordanovi family)

This generous and inspired couple set an EQ fundraising action in motion. Their wedding reception, that took place in Plovdiv back in September, was used to draw attention to the plight of a young boy who we look after in our new unit for infants who need medical support.

Instead of buying flowers, the guests succeeded in raising 625 leva towards the cost of a verticalizer (a high-tech type of walking aid).

The young family hopes that – with this gesture they will contribute to the little boy’s growth and development and also provide an example to the community. We all share responsibility for the welfare of children.  

Their example was followed by another family from Ruse – Stoitzevi – who donated 200 leva to help for the purchase of the verticalizer which costs 1995 leva.

EQ continues fundraising with the help of friends, partners and supporters. The verticalizer will improve B’s daily routine and quality of life but he is the first of many who will benefit from this item of equipment.

 We thank once again both families from Ruse – Yordanovi and Stoitzevi for their wonderful generosity and the example they provide. We wish both couples a lifetime of happiness together.