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On the 28th December 2010, the Council of Ministers announced the official closure of Teteven institution for children 0 to 3 (officially Home for Medical and Social Care for Children – HMSCC).

In the note explaining the reason for the decision there was a reference to Hope and Homes for Children / Equilibrium project which lead to moving all children out of the institution into family care and establishing alternative to the institution services. Out of the 32 children assessed…


In 2008, Equilibrium hosted a study visit to Bulgaria for personnel of CCF-Moldova (see Archive) and our organisations have kept in touch primarily through providing technical support to one another and exchanging literature.

This year’s visit – financially supported by UNICEF Moldova – was significantly more ambitious. Both Moldova and Bulgaria have embarked on deinstitutionalization programmes that involve cooperation between NGOs and government at municipal, regional and national level. EQ plays a leading role in the Bulgarian process while CCF…


On 11th August, 2010 Equilibrium launched a new publication written by David in which he explores the issue of Child Participation – the background to the development of the concept and the practical difficulties faced when trying to apply it in practice.

The booklet is intended for use by all professionals working in the fields of education and childcare and you can find it uploaded at our EQ Publications section.

The Ruse municipal authority kindly allowed us to use a…


MP4 PlayerWhen identifying Child Participation in action, we’ve grown accustomed to referring to a certain group of children who gather in the village of Dryanovets at weekends and during school holidays. They’ve been at it again!

A number of their public concerts have been staged in the village community hall with the blessing of the mayoress. The sign outside the hall badly needs repairing. Hoping to raise 120 leva, the kids asked the mayoress if they could stage a sale of…


P1090779On 24th-25th June, 2010 in the town of Troyan, Lovech district, EQ/HHC conducted training on adoption as a child protection measure for child protection officers from Lovech district.

The training was lead by Nadezhda Petrova, psychologist, with extensive experience in providing services for adoptive parents at the Centre of Social Support in Russe. It was attended by 10 representatives from 4 CPDs who are responsible for assessing candidates and 1 representative from the Regional Directorate of Social assistance who deal…


Lovech4site (1)Effective prevention of baby abandonment in Lovech district is essential for the success of the joint project being undertaken by EQ and Hope and Homes for Children – ‘Closure of Teteven Baby Home and development of alternative social services’.

We conducted a two-day training on 20-21 May 2010 for 15 representatives of child protection, maternity hospitals and regional health authorities. This involved exploring the concept of prevention, partnership networks for information exchange and joint work, effects of institutionalisation of babies…


P1090524Within project ‘Closure of Teteven Baby Home and Development of Alternative Services for Children and Families’, implemented in partnership with Hope and Homes for Children UK, we have embarked on an ambitious public awareness and recruitment campaign on foster care in Lovech administrative district and several adjoining municipalities.

Village ‘road show’ – mayoral offices, directorates of social assistance and labour offices facilitate presentations delivered in community venues in key settlements. 10 presentations have been conducted between February and April, for…


On 24th February, 2010 Equilibrium (EQ) and Ruse’s Open Society Club (OSC) hosted a press conference in Ruse’s EU Information Office to announce our collaboration in the creation and implementation of an information campaign on the subject of foster care.

It’s our ambition to both improve public awareness of what foster care entails (as opposed to adoption for instance) and to encourage would-be foster parents to come forward. Fortuitously, our initiative coincides with government deinstitutionalization policy as recently publicized which…


Hope_and_Homes_for_Children_logo-150x150Setting up a model for the closure of institutions for babies’ is a joint venture of Equilibrium and Hope and Homes for Children, UK (experts in de-institutionalization in Central and Eastern Europe and Africa).

Bulgaria has reduced the number of children in residential care but the total number of children without permanent parents has not changed much in recent years. Institutions for children under the age of five remain under the management and administration of the Ministry of Health. The…