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On November 13th, 2018 in Hall 2 of hotel Rila in Sofia, “International Social Service – Bulgaria” and 5 other NGO`s – “Concordia – Bulgaria” Foundation, “Cedar” Foundation, Association “SOS Children’s Homes – Bulgaria”, “Children and Space” Association and “Equilibrium” Association organized and held a seminar on “Models /pedagogical concepts of residential care implemented in the Center for Children with and without Disabilities managed by NGOs”.

The event was carried out in partnership with the Operational Program “Human Resources Development”…


On November 14th, experts from “Equilibrium” presented the project “Kids voice”, funded by the OP “Human Resources Development”, Priority Axis “Transnational Cooperation” in Veliko Tarnovo.

Representatives from the Child Protection department, from the Social Assistance department and experts from non-governmental organizations in the city, all took part in the round table discussions. The project presents the experience, good practices and the transfer of social innovations for enhancing the capacity of children at their early childhood, their parents and informal leaders…


On October 31st, experts from “Equilibrium” reported on the progress of the “Kids voice” project, funded by the OP “Human Resources Development”, Priority Axis “Transnational Cooperation”.

The round table was attended by representatives of the Administration office of “Health and Social Activities” of the Municipality of Ruse and experts from non-governmental organizations in the city. The project is related to experience, good practices and the transfer of social innovations for enhancing the capacity of children in their early childhood years,…


How do we compare the opportunities of children with different potential? How do senses help in order to unveil the strengths of vulnerable groups? What happens when you close your eyes and let your senses lead you?

These questions were asked. A group of children, parents and experts from the “Equilibrium” Association managed to answer them together, during a visit to the Eco museum in Ruse on Saturday, the 6th of October 2018.

The visit was to the Eco…


The children of „Equilibrium“experienced another summer camp adventure. Children from the Family Type Center for Children and Young People with Disabilities – the “Pink house” stayed at “Termal” hospital – a specialized facility for rehabilitation in the Golden Sands complex at the Black Sea coast.

There they enjoyed SPA procedures, water rehabilitation and the wonderful sea, sand and breeze.

At the Sea Adventure Camp in Tyulenovo, there were also several children from the community of “Equilibrium”, where they had some…


Diana Angelova, who is a skilled social worker in the Centre for Social Support, took active part in the European project that helps young mothers who dropped out of school, to go back and complete their formal education. 

The project focuses on the development of support measures for young mothers, who are NEETs (Young people not in employment, education or training). They need support, so they can go back to school to complete their education or to acquire vocational…


Based on our track record in deinstitutionalization and managing quality alternative services for children and families, Equilibrium was invited to take part in an international forum, Children in Families (16-18 August), organized by Hope and Homes for Children UK and Miracle Foundation. The event was supported by London Business School which provided the venue.

The Executive Director of Equilibrium, Galina Bisset, exchanged experience with colleagues from 25 NGOs who implement deinstitutionalization programmes in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. All…


In July, there was an exciting happening in the Roma neighborhood “Trakcia” in Ruse. Children and parents were curious and enthusiastic about it.

Twice a month the NGO of “Equilibrium”, in partnership with the Municipality of Ruse, organizes event groups for children and parents. The activities take place with great interest and active participation by the residents in the neighborhood with all their children.

Kids and adults are excited by the next event. They will be able to play and…


At the international conference for “Social Economy as an Effective Model for Social Inclusion” in the “Golden Sands” resort, “Equilibrium” received an award for its effective fundraising model from the National Alliance for Social Responsibility.

The prestigious annual awards for good practice in the field of social services are given every year for contributions from municipalities, suppliers or personal merit.

“Equilibrium” was nominated by Ruse Municipality in 2018 for the added value it brings to the quality of social services…


In April 2018 the “Kids Voice” project of “Equilibrium” began. It is financially supported by the Operational Program “Human Resources Development” and implemented by the “Equilibrium” NGO.

The activities include children and parents of Roma origin living in “Sredna kula” district, Ruse. Part of the target group activities are two clubs: “Toys library” and “I was a child”. They are 20 children and 30 parents. Also there are focus groups and motivational interviews, held on a monthly basis with the…


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