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tomi-5Equilibrium provides 20 children from Ruse with hippotherapy with the support of “Help for Charity in Bulgaria” Foundation and thanks to TBI’s campaign “Sport for a better life for children”.

The activities started in September and will be conducted within three months. contact with the horses and the therapeutic riding. The first sessions – group and individual – started after the signing of the contract with the Horse Club in Ruse.

Disabled children from the Pink house, children from the centre for street children (CSC) and children with special needs, accompanied by their parents, will have the opportunity to enjoy contact with horses and therapeutic riding exercises.

Ten children from the CSC, divided in two groups, have already had eight group sessions, i.e. each child has taken part in four group sessions. The children are delighted to have the opportunity to visit the stables. They have built excellent relationships with the trainers and the horses. Two children from the group haven’t tried riding a horse yet because they haven’t overcome their fears but they participate in the rest of the activities.

Five youngsters from the Pink house have had six therapeutic sessions so far. Although the progress with them is slower, because of their condition, specialists report the positive impact of hippotherapy on the children – contact, motor skills and emotional condition.

Five children with special needs, accompanied by their parents, enjoy the riding and the contact with the horses which provide many new sensations and experiences.

This is what the children themselves share: “It is very interesting at the horse-riding arenas! We made friends with the horses, we feed them apples and there is one pony. We learn how to ride fast and slowly. The trainer told us how the horse behaves during races. We brushed the horses and they liked it a lot. We like it a lot, too!”

Under this initiative, the activities will end in November but Equilibrium will look for opportunities and funding, so that the children can continue with the hippotherapy.

We thank the Horse Club team in Ruse for their dedication and professionalism.