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tortaThe Social Services Complex was officially opened on 3rd October, 2005.

We celebrated its 4th birthday a day early combining the event with the birthday celebrations of two VIPS – one of our boys from the small group home (age 13) and Venci, an EQ board member (age undisclosed).

The younger birthday boy was joined by his colleagues from the Pink House, young clients of the complex and assorted offspring of our personnel in fun, games and races organized by the events team – Toni, Tedi and Nessrin – in the lead-up to the dramatic entry of the birthday cake replete with candles.

So – lots of dirty knees and stained T-shirts. Sorry, mums!

Team members had spent the day wearing party hats and distributing hats, whistles and balloons to all-comers at reception. A staff meeting scheduled for 10.00 eventually got going at 10.25 once David, Dessie and Eli – the speakers – finished squabbling over who got to wear the purple wig.

There’s nothing wrong with being childish once in a while!