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Implementation period: January 2015 – December 2017

Source of funding: Trust for Social Alternatives

Role of the organization: leading


Families from marginalized groups or deprived neighbourhoods lack the resources that most of us take for granted when raising young children. Very young parents are especially vulnerable in these circumstances.


The development of certain skill sets among Roma parents from two deprived neighbourhoods in Ruse

  • Improved understanding of the parenting actions that promote physical, cognitive and emotional development in young children
  • Improved understanding of health issues and means of accessing healthcare services– mothers and babies
  • Improved understanding of family planning and reproductive health and means of accessing healthcare services


  • Working with community leaders and trained intermediaries, developing structured programmes for hosting working groups and consulting parents in both neighbourhoods
  • Mobilizing EQ teams in both neighbourhoods including childcare professionals fluent in Turkish and the Roma language
  • Conducting informal workshops and family consultations


  • Developing sustainable motivation, knowledge, skills and experience in Roma parents to meet the needs of children in early childhood (0-3 years) to ensure the healthy development of young children
  • Implanting greater awareness of healthcare issues – mother and child health, health during pregnancy, reproductive health


The development of informal working relationships based on trust and mobile, responsive teams has transformed the impact of social services directed towards mothers and young children in deprived communities.