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The children from “Slancho” had a colourful and noisy celebration for the International day of the child. The participants were children who use social services in the Day Centre for Children with Disabilities, the Centre for Family-Type Accommodation for Children and Young Adults with Disabilities In Need of Constant Medical Care, their parents, sponsors and donors.

The team from “Slancho” refurbished the playground, all the utensils, the swings and places for play started to glitter in new shiny colours courtesy of the local companies “Megahim” and “Ninahim” who provided the paints. The parents of the children and volunteers helped for the cleaning and refreshing of the outdoor areas. 

The sponsors from “Dunarit” brought delicious treats for every child and provided a high-capacity clothes dryer that will be very useful for the care team.

The rich musical program, filled with various games, finger-painting and competitions with balloons, made the feast unforgettable for the children, as well as for their new friends, who took active part in the dances and games.

Students from Ruse University brought the children wonderful toys and shared the beautiful, colourful and funny world of childhood.

Children from the Centre for Art and Culture, supervised by Natalia Konstantinova, participated in the program and treated everyone with favourite children’s songs.

A new, different and sunny celebration for the little sunbeams! We thank all sponsors and donors that made it possible!