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Rumi is already the proud owner of a number of certificates and diplomas from various competitions and events in Ruse.

It is a transformation that makes us proud of her and the team at ‘Love’ House, where she was placed after her removal from for a home for children and young adults with intellectual disabilities back in 2014. 

These successes were impossible for Rumi then because she had been a regular patient in psychiatry for most of the time prior to her removal from the institution. Indeed, things continued this way for her after her placement in the new centre. Rumi went into severe psychiatric crises and it seemed that the only optional was to return to psychiatric intervention. This made us feel very anxious and even helpless at the time, but we didn’t give up. The team set about analysing Rumi’s behaviour and crises and gradually we discovered what was driving her to them. We took drastic measures and educated the team on what to do and what not to do in her presence so that they would not precipitate another crisis. It was hard, it was a long road, but gradually we managed to break the cycle of problematic behaviour and crises with a lot of love and a lot of patience.

Rumi is now a charming and active young lady who enjoys being involved in the life of the house and especially in various events outside the house. Her diagnoses are still severe (mental retardation and schizophrenia) but the crises are gone, psychiatry forgotten. Rumi is transformed and happy.

Thanks to the whole team and especially to our occupational therapist, Aysel, who has made great efforts to keep not only Rumi but all the other young people in the two centres run by Equilibrium active, involved in a variety of ways and developing their potential, regardless of their limitations!