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Despite all challenges, summer is blue for the children from the Family-type accommodation centre for children in Byala.

They gathered a lot of sun, many emotions and salty memories from the seaside. The camp organized by Equilibrium became, once again, an unforgettable experience.



A new orchard and rose garden was created by the children of the small-group home in Byala.

Several fruit trees and beautiful rose bushes donated by local people were planted  in the yard by the teenagers from the centre in his yard under the watchful guidance of the house manager, Ivaylo Minkov.

This time next year, everything should be in bloom creating a place of peace and tranquility  next to the building that the teenagers see as home.…


The young adults from the Centre for Family-Type Accommodation in Byala, managed by Equilibrium, went to summer camp in the village of Kranevo.

They stayed there from 10.08 until 15.08.2019. The children were accompanied by the manager of the centre, Mr. Ivaylo Minkov. Some of the children have never been to the seaside before and the feeling of seeing and touching the sea for the first time in their lives was beyond description. The girls and boys made a lot…


In the last day of the spring vacation the children from the family-type accommodation in Byala, managed by Equilibrium, were taken on an excursion to Lovech.

The zoo enchanted the children with its interesting and funny animals. The covered bridge, built by Kolio Ficheto, and the Vasil Levski museum impressed them, revealing the history and spirit of another era. The children had great fun in the Devetashka cave, too. All these experiences were interesting and intriguing for the children.


On 15.11.2018, by invitation of the National Alliance for Social Responsibility and Targovishte Municipality, Galya Bisset and Nadya Petrova took part in a national conference ‘’Innovations in community-based social work: modern therapeutic and capacity building methods and approaches.”

The event was aimed at creating space and opportunities for transfer of knowledge and innovation in social practice in Bulgaria. The conference was attended by almost 100 people from 17 municipalities throughout the country: managers and specialists from social services, social work…


On 6th September, 2018 Equilibrium and the children from the Centre for Family-Type Accommodation in Byala celebrated 133 years since the Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria with Eastern Rumelia.

The ceremony was conducted by Reverend Serafim from the diocese of the Tarnovo Patriarchate.

The children got presents and sweets and a beautiful cake. The big surprise was two colourful parrots, who became the new members of the loving family.

A wonderful fertility celebration day reminded everyone that Christmas is coming.

The holiday was held on the 3rd of December at 11 am at the Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration, run by the “Equilibrium” association in Byala. The children from the Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration and the Family Type Center took an active part in the preparation and celebration of the holiday itself. A special quiz related to the subject provoked the knowledge and competitive spirit…


At the end of June, 2016 Equilibrium took over the administration of two services in Byala – the centre for social rehabilitation and integration and the centre for family type accommodation for children and young adults. There is a reason why we use the symbol of a “ white swallow” as the logo as they are the first social services for children in Byala municipality.

We celebrated our first anniversary with team members from both services, guests from the Child…


Two psychologists from Equilibrium, Nadejda Petrova and Ivaylo Minkov, started the programme for positive parenting with three consecutive training sessions for parents of children from 4th grade in “Stadiona” kindergarten in Byala.

The parents that took part in the interactive sessions worked hard and were involved in different practical exercises and work-groups. They discussed topics related to the improvement of their understanding of early childhood development and the reasons for children’s reactions and behavior. The parents were presented with…


My name is Stoyana Cekova, I`m 45 year old and I live in a small town near Ruse. Since the birth of my two boys Ivaylo(26) and Miroslav(15) I have spent a great deal of time in hospitals.    

Ivaylo was born at a time when there was no modern technology for monitoring the pregnancy. At the time of his birth nobody told me that he had disabilities. But my father heard from his close friends from the…