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20151215_160327Santa Claus and his faithful assistant Snow White brought more than parcels for the youngsters in our small-group homes, Love and Hope. They brought wonder and joy.

Christmas celebrations took place on 14th and 15th December and some of the young adults helped prepare the party fare and lay the tables before the singing, dancing and games began. Not every child likes the boisterous games but none is excluded from the celebration. There are many ways to spread the… Continue reading

admin (1)This is the story of Bobby. He’s now 25. In May 2014 he was transferred to our small-group home called “Hope” from a large residential institution for children with intellectual disabilities. The story is one of remarkable progress. Bobby has changed physically, emotionally and psychologically.

adminThe first time we met Bobby (while he was still in the institution), we had to assess his capabilities and take these things into consideration when planning the transfer. Bobby was passive and – if… Continue reading

admin (4)This beautiful winter image, created by young adults with special needs and their teachers, can be seen on both the EQ wrapping paper and as the background on the front of the EQ Christmas card.

The card has a 3-D effect and the composition and lay-out was created by students from the school of fashion and design

admin (2)We encourage you to keep the binder that comes with the paper and attach it to the parcel you wrap. It contains a special message that we’d like you to help us share.

admin (1)

To design the wrapping paper we asked young people that EQ cares for to create a Christmas picture. These youngsters have significant special needs and this explains why we care for them in small-group homes known as “Love” and “Hope”. However, a large part of the support… Continue reading

12005705_10205425847469367_1396434569_oImagine you have never seen the sea – you have never smelled the salt-tang or felt the coastal breeze on your face.

Young adults from the Ruse small group homes “Love” and “ Hope” have just returned to the city having spent a few days at the seaside in the village of Tyulenevo. Despite being in their late teens or early twenties, it was a new experience. They have significant special needs and have spent their childhoods in institutional care… Continue reading

20151012_162426Under a municipal project, Pavlikeni has created a family-type accommodation centre (small-group home) and centre for social rehabilitation. Personnel and children representing these new facilities traveled to Ruse where an event had been organized to mark the successful completion of the Pavlikeni project.

Why Ruse? A speaker from Pavlikeni explains:

“The city of Ruse provided the team that started the process of deinstitutionalization in Bulgaria and it is a centre of know-how in providing community-based services. Your small-group homes now… Continue reading

лого-надеждаилюбовThree young adults from the small group homes “Love” and “Hope” managed by EQ have completed 8th –grade in the school for students with special needs and will start the new academic year as students in the school of fashion and design “Nedka Ivan Lazarova”.

A specialized programme will enable students with special needs to develop vocational skills.

This is a challenging new experience for youngsters whose childhoods were spent in residential institutions in remote villages but – with… Continue reading

IMG_20150727_121651In April 2015, EQ took over management of two small group homes for young adults with significant special needs.

Our care approach draws on many influences but the American approach to behavioural modification known as IMPACT is of central importance. IMPACT is innovative, multidisciplinary, tailored to each individual, active, continuous and capable of encouraging transformation.

The story of Nora shows how a structured and focused approach can create transformation and overcome the effects of spending long years in institutional care.… Continue reading

Since 1st April EQ has managed services in two small group homes for young adults whose physical and / or neurological disabilities precluded the use of other alternatives for community-based care (eg foster care). The facilities were created under a project undertaken by Ruse Municipality – “Our children are our responsibility-creation of a network of residential services for children and young people aged 3 to 18 in Ruse municipal district.”

Young adults removed from large residential institutions suffer the… Continue reading