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Implementation period: March 2018 – December 2018

Source of funding: Municipality of Silistra

Role of the organization: contractor

Expected results:

  • One upgrading course for specialists;
  • One upgrading course for child care specialists and care givers;
  • One course of group supervision for the specialists;
  • One course of group supervision for child care specialists and care givers;
  • Individual supervision of 12 specialists;
  • Individual supervision of 35 nurses and care givers.

Overall goal of the project:

The goal is to improve the quality…


Implementation period: February 2017 – December 2018

Source of funding: Operational Program “Human Resources Development” 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund

Role of the organization: subcontractor – Service contract № 2017 – 021 – Y from 27.02.2017 with the Municipality of Silistra

Expected results:

  • Conducted 2 Individual Supervision of the host families of the Project from the Silistra District, where children are accommodated;
  • Main trainings of the Silistra Regional Foster Care Unit;
  • Specialized training of…


Implementation period: March 2017 – March 2018 – Completed

Source of funding: “Shelter for Humanity” Foundation – “Habitat”

Role of the organization: Contractor

Results achieved:

38 low-income families were supported in Ruse Municipality and Slivo Pole Municipality, raising children with interest-free loans for repairs in their homes, which would provide a better place for living for the children and their parents.

Three free trainings are provided by the “Shelter for Humanity” foundation, for the group of borrowers from Ruse and…


Project “Development of centres for protecting the rights of children who are in conflict with the law” |CCR|

Execution period: March 2017 – March 2018

Financial source: Velux Foundations

Role of the organization: subcontractor – a project by the National Network for Children in partnership with the Municipality of Ruse

Expected results:

  • To develop and apply models of services for children in conflict with the law;
  • To contribute fora change of the attitude of the society towards children…


Implementation period: April, 2016 – March, 2019

Funding: The Velux Foundations

Role of the organisation: contractor

Aim: Creation of a facility where we work directly with families with young children but also provide knowhow in early childhood development and practical methods of working with children aged 0-7 to the educational community and childcare professionals.

This is not a social service. It is an independent venture.

The chosen location is Dorisol Street (next to a large kindergarten and close to…


Implementation period: February 2017 – June 2018 – Completed

Source of funding: National Network for Children

Role of the organization: partner organization with “Hristo Botev” middle school, city of Kubrat

Achieved results:

The main objective of the project was the development of the “Hristo Botev” School, city of Kubrat, as a community and its transformation into an open and multifunctional center. The NGO of “Equilibrium”, through its moderator – Plamena Stefanova – supported the school in the development and implementation…


Implementation period:  September – December 2016

Source of funding: Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation and TBI Bank – part of the bank’s new commercial campaign “Sport for a better life for children”

Role of the organisation: leading

Expected results: Provision of alternative therapy – hippotherapy for 20 children in two target groups – children with special needs and socially vulnerable ones.

Specific objectives: 

  • Increase in the intensity of the therapeutic sessions with children with special needs who have already…


Period for accomplishment: April – July 2016 г.

Source of funding: Know-how Centre for Alternative Care at the New Bulgarian University and funded by the Velux Foundations

Role of the organisation: implementer within the framework of Know-how Centre, supporting a group of Roma kids, participants in the project „Cessation of the marginalization of the Roma people in Kjustendil by creating a new model for the community’s development“.

Expected results:

  • Increased sensitivity in parents as regards the position and role of…


Project implementation: April 2016 – May 2016

Source of funding: Municipal Foundation “Ruse – city of free spirit“

Role of the organisation: a contractor in partnership with “Zora” kindergarten and CFC “Dragons”, Ruse

Expected results:

  • Hosting of a sports festival – a football training demonstration with the participation of the kids with special needs from “Zora” kindergarten and kids from the other groups of the kindergarten.
  • The children with special needs to be encouraged to have contact with the ball…


Funding:  from fundraising campaigns of Equilibrium

Role of the organization: leading partner, working together with the Municipality of Ruse – Department  of Education, Regional Inspectorate of Education and SOS Children’s Villages – Bulgaria ( Veliko Tarnovo)

Expected results:

  1. To determine the understanding of parents and professionals working with preschool children concerning the nature and forms of aggression and aggressive responses in young children and their causes
  2. To test innovative methods for improving the interaction among parents, teachers…