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The final external evaluation of the Voice of Adversity Project was carried out in the period June-August 2022, with the participation of the Equilibrium Association team, heads of partner organizations in five pilot districts of the country (Vidin, Plovdiv, Ruse, Sofia and Shumen), mentors and people whose voices are heard – children, youth and parents involved in the project due to the need for support from the child protection system, social services and programs. A team of…


For the first time since the opening of the family-type accommodation centre designed for children and young people with disabilities in need of constant medical care, children took part in a summer camp in Tyulenovo.

Equilibrium has been running this complex integrated health and social service since 2016. We place great emphasis on ensuring that children who are admitted with poor prognosis and severe illnesses and disabilities receive the best quality of care so as to increase their chances…


For another year, Equilibrium provided an opportunity to improve the life skills of a group of young men and women from the “Nadezhda” (Hope) and “Lyubov” (Love) services for residential care for persons with mental disabilities. Usually, it took place at the beginning of September on the Northern Black Sea coast in the village of Tyulenovo. Rainy days during the first half of our stay did not dampen our spirits. We organized competitive games,…


For another year, the three social services of the Complex for Social Services for Children and Families – Ruse are included in the campaign “Let’s clean Bulgaria together”.

Employees from the Centre for Public Support and the Centre for Working with Street Children cleaned the adjacent kindergartens of the Complex. The young clients of the services also planted crocuses. In the “Pink House”, our small-group home, the courtyard was cleaned, the youth, with the help of the…


From 20.06.2022 to 25.06.2022, Natalia, Kaloyan, Feidan and Sasho, accompanied by five staff members, were on a summer camp in the seaside village of Tyulenovo, Shabla municipality.

Times change, people, policies, wars are fought and hardly anyone feels certain about anything. But the kind villagers always make us feel welcome and the youngsters truly love being at the seaside. Feeling the sea waves splashing, Feidan smiled and parted with them with difficulty. Natalya, on the other…



 Analytical perspective

Can the voice of those who are vulnerable be captured so as to improve the community awareness of childcare practitioners and, over time, draw attention to issues that have regional or national significance?

We have devised and tested a user-friendly tool and, having seen the emergence of themes and patterns. We believe it shows promise. Practitioners and government agencies have responded favourably.

Professional awareness

Can listening to the personal stories of their clients impact meaningfully…


On the occasion of June 1, the children in the Social Services Complex were visited by a high school student who gave a gift to each child. Additionally, the special guest was Pippi Longstocking. The sounds of children’s songs and laughter were accompanied by boisterous games, dances, awards and gypsy wheels. 💃🤸🕺 Every child left with loads of positive emotions, a bag of treats and many memories! 🥳 For the finale, Pippi had prepared a modest cake with icing inscribed…


On the eve of one of the brightest Christian holidays, Easter, Dr. Petya Kashukeva, Mr. Kamen Filipov and Mr. Nikolay Nikolov, made a generous donation for the needs of the young clients who have a multitude of special needs, donating a treadmill, baby baskets, bodysuits, leggings, diapers, vegetables, meat and fruit purees, adapted milk, porridge, laundry detergents. On behalf of Equilibrium and the children we express our heartfelt gratitude.


According to Finnish professor Mirjam Kalland a child “demands continuity, stability and recurring routines”. Kelland provides a recipe for the professional support by claiming that “we can support the health of individual children and families with very ordinary things, with the ‘magic of the ordinary’”. (Source: ‘Family centre in the Nordic countries – a meeting point for children and families’, Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen 2012).

As the volume of Equilibrium’s encounters with Ukrainian mothers with young children increases,…


On 18th March, A forum was held in Ruse as an undertaking of the municipal authority – “Social Policies – New Opportunities, New Responsibilities for Development of the Regional Potential for Economic Social Social Services and Social Innovation”.

Official guests included the Minister of Labour and Social Policy Mr. Goekov, Deputy Secret Ministry Minister Mr. Krastev, Mr. Milkov – Mayor of Ruse Municipality, representatives of the Agency for Social Assistance and the Agency for the Quality…


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