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On 11th May, Equilibrium with the assistance of the Municipality of Ruse and Anne Todorov organized a training on “Parenting children with developmental trauma, physical disabilities, cognitive delays and confusing behavior” with lecturer Darren Gagnon from the USA.

The training was attended by 40 people – foster parents, adoptive parents for whom this topic is extremely important, as well as social workers and psychologists from social services and institutions from Ruse and Byala.

The topic is always… Continue reading

On the 5th of May some of the young clients from the daycare centre took part in a sports celebration. Divided into three teams, each with 4 players, the children took part in the “Sporting together” tournament organized by the Ruse Municipality on the occasion of the city’s festival day. The children performed excellently in all disciplines, winning the first places and adding three golden cups to the showcase at the centre. Parents were happy with their children’s… Continue reading

In August 2021, the Municipality of Ruse launched the project “Integrated measures for social and educational inclusion of vulnerable groups on the territory of Ruse Municipality” in partnership with Equilibrium, several kindergartens, Kanev University Hospital, Centre Dynamics Association, Social Capital Development Association, etc.

Within the project the following activities were conducted during 2022:

Ø ACTIVITY 1 – Activating economically inactive persons

The purpose of the activity is to activate and include the labor market of… Continue reading

On February 28, 2023, Equilibrium received recognition for its efforts to support children even in the most   testing situations – the award “Ambassador of Good” 2022 from the State Agency for Child Protection.

This is the fourth consecutive year the award has been presented and 12 Ambassadors of Good – individuals and organizations – were honoured.

Five hearts beat as one for the return of a little girl from Ukraine to her homeland. Ambassadors, government institutions… Continue reading

On December 1st and 2nd, a workshop was held in Sofia on the topic “Opportunities and barriers to parental activism in Bulgaria”. The meeting was initiated by Tanya’s Dreams Fund and organized by the Civic Initiatives Workshop Foundation(CIWF). The donor has shown interest in supporting a long-term national programme to increase the capacity and build a movement of organizations and individuals practicing parent activism. CIWF currently facilitates a process of consultation and joint planning of the programme … Continue reading

Training on the topic “Human Management” was conducted by the Equilibrium management for the team of social services that the organization manages. The training took place over the courseof  two days and contained elements of team building.

The services that the organization manages present constant challenges and, despite the long experience of those who manager the various deparments, there is a need for reflection on personal and group performance. This skill development coincides with the… Continue reading

The sensory room was opened today (04.11.2022) in the Integrated Children’s Services run by Equilibrium.

“We have long dreamed of such a sensory room, and it turned into reality thanks to the four Lions Clubs in Ruse,” said Milena Nedelcheva, director of the centre.

The room is essential and important in working with over 50 children with disabilities in the day centre. It allows children who have sensory disorders and experience difficulties in accepting information… Continue reading

The Equilibrium team and the Social Services Complex for Children and Families – Ruse once again expresses its huge thanks to the students and staff of the Frederick Schiller School for their donation of food for children who are not currently raised by their parents, as well as families who are having difficulty meeting the needs of their children. The noble gesture is a continuation of the annual initiative of the Youth Parliament at the school linked to International… Continue reading

Yesterday – October 25 – an innovative playground was opened in the Kindergarten “Brothers Grimm” in Sofia under the project “Reform of Early Children’s Education in Eastern Europe – Bulgaria”. Equilibrium works in in partnership with VIA University College, Denmark and the project is funded by the Villum Foundation, Denmark. The project started in January 2019 and, yesterday, was its symbolic end. However, it represents a new bold start for the children, parents and educators and… Continue reading


We accept 2005 as a turning point not only for us, but also for the child protection system in Bulgaria. Until then, the country had, as social services, only a few daycare centres for children with disabilities. Then, under a project of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, funded by the World Bank, 10 complexes for social services for children and families  were launched. The project „ Reform for improving the well-being… Continue reading

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