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News Slancho

Newlywed Sofia and Atanas are pictured making a donation towards the running costs towards our centre where we look after children in need of permanent medical care.

They asked their wedding guests to donate to Equilibrium and here they are handing 600 leva to Milena Nedelcheva who leads the team at the centre.

We are hugely grateful to the couple, their family and friends.

Santa Claus, Snow White and the elves bring gifts for the very special children from the daycare centre. Despite the difficulties of this year and in compliance with all security measures, Christmas comes to all the children in the care of Equilibrium.




February was especially sunny for the children at the family-type homes for young adults with special needs. We celebrated two birthdays – Masha and Bobo.

On 01.02. 2020 we celebrated Masha’s 8th birthday and on February 17, 2020 – Bobo’s 8th birthday. The guests of the celebrations were, of course, the other children from the Permanent Care Center, mothers and infants from the Mother and Baby Unit and users of the Day Care Center…


A colorful autumn carnival was created by the social services team at Sunny, managed by Equilibrium.

The Veseliats Animation Center, our friends, created a unique event yesterday – October 31, 2019 – for the children from the Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities and the Center where we look after children in need of permanent medical care. Fun games, colorful autumn decorations, and lots of smiles that brightened the faces of the children, filled with silence…


This was how the American couple who were adopting “B” announced his departure from the special facility where Equilibrium had provided around-the-clock care.

A long journey was about to take place but the couple had prepared meticulously. His new sister, the couple’s own daughter is waiting for him at the family home and another sibling is on the way.

“B” is one of four children who were transferred into the new facility managed by Equilibrium after the closure of the…


On the occasion of 1st June – the International Children’s Day – a celebration was organized for the users of the Day Centre for Children and Young Adults with Disabilities at Slancho. Our friends – the animators from “Veselyatsite” – entertained the children. Everybody sang, danced and had great fun together. Our partners from “Iovis Doni M” LTD also contributed to the children’s happy faces, providing us with the sweetest cake “Slancho”. We would also like to thank…


A charitable fashion review – concert organized by “Hearts Without Boundaries” Foundation in March this year raised funds for the purchase of the much-needed oxygen concentrator and ultrasound for the children from the Centre for Family-Type Accommodation for Children and Young Adults with Disabilities in Need of Constant Medical Care and the Day Centre for Children and Young Adults with Disabilities at “Slancho”.

The oxygen concentrator was donated by the chairman of “Hearts Without Boundaries”– Mrs. Diana Poptoneva – on…


On 25th March, one of the largest and bright Christian holidays – Blagoveshteneie (Annunciation), the children from the day centre for children with disabilities “Slancho”, managed by Equilibrium, were treated to a special celebration.

The refreshments and treats were generously provided by “Berks Es “LTD, “Alekra” LTD and “Ulina” pastry shop.

We all had great fun together with the children at the celebration. They presented a programme of their own involving dancing and singing. The children drew together and…


Unified Children’s Services “Slancho” – Ruse expresses its deep gratitude for the generosity, the loving attitude and the sense of charity of the family of Desislava and Teodor Penevi, as well as their friends and acquaintances who donated gifts and Christmas spirit to the children with special needs. The children are hosted at the Family-type Placement Center for Children with Disabilities Requiring Permanent Medical Care. You did not just give a special day to them, you gave them hope. You…