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Today, in the small-group homes “Love” and “Hope”, a welcome intruder was caught – a white-bearded old man, with a cane, a red suit and a bag full of gifts … Santa Claus!

He was looking for the best behaved young people in the houses, and they were waiting for him. They secretly hoped that despite the strict  quarantine measures, he would visit them. Festive cheer lasted from morning until bed time with lots of songs…


Following the belief that people with special needs can learn, grow and to
be accepted as valuable members of our society, despite the difficulties and severe
disabilities they have, we at Equilibrium are looking for various alternative methods for
facilitating lifestyles and improving the quality of care for our young people in
the two facilities.

At the end of 2019, the centres were visited by representatives of the Foundation “ASSIST – Assisting technologies”. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maurice Greenberg introduced us…


We are drawing Love and Hope on the first of June with the youngsters who grew up in our care in the family-type homes for young people with disabilities.

If the sea could talk, it would tell you that it loves these children and young people with disabilities. And if they could talk – no one would believe such happiness was possible!

For the second year, on the first of September, a group of young people from CNSTMU “Nadezhda” and “Love” left for their long-awaited seaside holiday in the village of Tyulenovo.

Their encounter with the sea filled them with joy and smiles. Touching the sand and the water…


The summer adventures of the young people from “Love” and “Hope” started with a visit to the organic garden in the village of Nadarevo (Targovishte) on 11th July, 2019.

A group of young adults from both centres were hospitably received by the hosts of the organic garden – Apostol Apostolov, the head of Botanica Life Foundation, and his coworkers.

 The foundation undertook a project aiming to involve young people from Bulgaria in learning about sustainable agriculture. It…


5 years ago, no one would have believed that this was even possible! A graduation ball for 4 of the young people from the centres for family-type accommodation “Love” and “Hope”.

It took place on 14th May, 2019. This is not just any old date. On this day, a number of the youngsters removed from large institutions for children and adults with intellectual disabilities walked through the doors of the places they have called home for the last…


For another year, Santa Claus and the Snow White did not miss to visit the youngsters from the two centers “Love” and “Hope”. On December the 18th, they greeted Santa Claus and the Snow White and together they danced, sang and reciting poems … they took part in a real Christmas story. The catering for the holiday was prepared by the staff of the two centers. As a real big family we created a warm, cozy and exciting…


The youngsters from the two family-based centers “Love” and “Hope” managed by “Equilibrium”, had a feast.

Petya was decorating the yard with balloons and helping the nurses with the organization of the event. It was a surprise for everyone – the music, the decorations and all the smiles around. The youngsters were listening to favorite tunes, dancing and singing. Masterpieces were made with chalk on the ground. It was a celebration for everyone from both teams of the houses.



The youngsters from the family-type Centers for Children and Young People with Disabilities, “Love” and “Hope” – Ruse, again had the chance and the pleasure to enjoy summer adventures in the green forests of the “Lipnik” park and the sea near Tyulenovo.

The boys and girls from the two houses spent two unforgettable weeks in August in a camp at the recreation base of the Ruse Municipality in the “Lipnik” Forest Park in the village of Nikolovo. In the morning…


The young adults cared for in our small-group homes “Hope” and “Love” joined art therapists in creating a fairytale in hues of purple on the ground-floor walls of the two buildings.

Getting the youngsters actively involved in the re-decoration process was expected to be a great opportunity for fun but it was fascinating to recognize their levels of concentration and engagement.  The common room, the games room, corridors, stairwells and dining areas are completely transformed. The work is astonishing.…