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admin“Hello, B.,

Our names are Lilly and Bobby and we decided to make you part of the happiest and most important day in our lives – our wedding. Although we don’t know each other, we want you to know that your story touched not only us and our parents but also all our guests. No matter how beautiful flowers are, they fade and get forgotten in a few days. Good deeds don’t. That is why we called on all our…


dscn0624It is not by chance that Equilibrium chose this certain day for the consecration of new services which we have been managing since the beginning of 2016. The reason for the ceremony was the two small-group homes of the actual names “Love” and “Hope”, where 23 children and young adults with disabilities have been taken care of since April, 2015.

In 2016, Equilibrium took the responsibility of dealing with highly complicated cases in the innovative, integrated services, which were opened…


13664691_10207618461399795_1943990095_nThe family of Maya and Tsanko Borisovi shared one of their greatest celebrations – their wedding – with the children, who need help, support and attention.

Some years ago Maya and Tsanko decided that for their wedding they will ask their friends and the guests to bring toys, books, and everything children need instead of flowers and presents. A month ago their dream came true, and the wedding guests embraced the idea. On 12th July 18, 2016 the foster…