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Christmas Gift – a charity Christmas campaign of the Equilibrium

 You can make Christmas for children and families at risk more beautiful and happier!

Choose a Christmas Gift for your relatives and friends!



How can you do this?


Decide which Christmas gifts you would like to buy on behalf of your relatives and friends. We will then send you an electronic voucher for each selected Christmas Gift. You can give it as a gift instead of…


Today we live in turbulent times – for many difficult and traumatic.

However, a few women from Equilibrium’s social service continued to work despite significant personal risk.

Thanks to Plamena, Svetla Kuncheva, Ganka, Gergana and Sevim. Many thanks!

After three children from the Pink House tested positive for covid-19 and several staff members succumbed several women showed true courage, conscientiousness and loyalty, and remained in their jobs despite their age, the risk and severity of care.

The children who tested…


At the end of the summer, just before the school year, 18 disadvantaged young people from Bulgaria took part in a youth exchange held in the Predeal area, Romania. The exchange took place under a project of the Concordia Bulgaria Foundation, with which Equilibrium has been a partner for years.

The two young people travelled from Ruse were past clients of the complex for social services. Work with them has been completed successfully and now, accompanied by a senior social…


On September 13, 2020, the yard of the Complex for social services for children and families was transformed in an arena for talented children who use social services at the centre for street children (at the complex for social services). The occasion was announced in advance – farewell to the strangest and most different summer!

To start, the participants – the children and their parents, greeted each other and shared their favourite activities.

This was followed by a presentation of…


During the autumn months, an Equilibrium team will continue to support the working relationship between VIA University College in Denmark and “Brothers Grimm” kindergarten in Sofia.

We are half-way through the programme and progress has depended on refining the way all participants operate from remote locations using Zoom technology. This is no easy task when you consider that VIA personnel and EQ interpreters need to link up with as many as nine teams from the kindergarten during the working day…


Following the belief that people with special needs can learn, grow and to
be accepted as valuable members of our society, despite the difficulties and severe
disabilities they have, we at Equilibrium are looking for various alternative methods for
facilitating lifestyles and improving the quality of care for our young people in
the two facilities.

At the end of 2019, the centres were visited by representatives of the Foundation “ASSIST – Assisting technologies”. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maurice Greenberg introduced us…


Despite all challenges, summer is blue for the children from the Family-type accommodation centre for children in Byala.

They gathered a lot of sun, many emotions and salty memories from the seaside. The camp organized by Equilibrium became, once again, an unforgettable experience.



The team of the Center for Street Children (CRDU) at the Complex for Social Services for

Children and Families joined the national campaign “To be a father”, accepting the challenge

of the Parents Association titled “The connection is important”, celebrating on 21.06. 2020

International Father’s Day.

In compliance with the anti-epidemic measures, a special holiday dedicated to fatherhood and

parental care was prepared for the users of the social service – children, mothers and fathers.

From the very beginning, the…


We are drawing Love and Hope on the first of June with the youngsters who grew up in our care in the family-type homes for young people with disabilities.

An online, group session was held for the children from the Centre for Street Children which turned into a mini celebration. The participants greeted each other with songs, poems and good wishes, together solved an interesting crossword puzzle and enjoyed a variety of games..

A drawing competition was also organized on the topic: “My childhood”. Each child received gifts for the holiday – treats, colouring  pads and reading books as well as balloons. And…