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Our ‘’Sustainable Families 2” project was funded by the Iris programme that supports projects of civil society, community centres and initiative groups to help vulnerable children and their families whose lives are made worse by COVID 19.

The programme was established on the initiative of a Bulgarian donor forum, a National Children’s Network and the Workshop for Civic Initiatives and is managed by the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation.

The EQ project is a continuation of… Continue reading

In their book, ‘Creative Schools’, Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica graphically reveal that great things in education unfold from the bottom up. You can’t generate creative magic by decree.

The image below shows an encounter between the directors of Creative Kindergartens (the two on the right).


In the world of early childhood

Equilibrium was awarded the “I Guarantee a Happy Childhood” award by the State Agency for Child Protection (SACP). The award was presented personally to the Executive Director Galina Bisset. This became clear at today’s 45th meeting of the National Council for Child Protection of the SACP (Equilibrium is a member of the council).

This year the SACP celebrates 20 years since its creation and, to celebrate, it has established these awards to recognize the contribution of organizations, individuals and… Continue reading

The teams of Equilibrium included in the campaign the mayors of Byala and Ruse municipalities as well as their administrative teams. Bracelets and the Equiibrium – “Guide to the Domain of Good Parenting” -were also given to the children and teachers from PR “Slaveykov” National University, Sofia University “P. Volov”, DG “Stadiona” and National University “St. St. Cyril and Metodiy “in the town of Byala, as well as the representatives of the Child Protection Department Ruse and Byala, the Local… Continue reading

The Do Good for a Stranger Foundation made a tasty and healthy donation of 200 kilograms of apples to our small-group homes.

The fruits have been distributed to the centres that we manage in Ruse and Byala. A total of 53 children and young people with disabilities enjoyed the fantastic fruit, as well as several mothers with children accommodated in the centre in which we look after children in need of constant medical care.

We express our sincere gratitude for… Continue reading

Equilibrium’s innovative formula for a charity campaign in the year of challenges, 2020 has been a success. From the sale of Christmas gifts of different value and for different purposes, BGN 1,703 was raised and used to buy warm jackets for children at risk, gifts from Santa Claus, specialized foods and medicines, materials for painting and crafts and others. We thank the people who chose to give their loved ones a mission voucher, through which they supported a child… Continue reading

The day before Christmas Eve provided further proof of public generosity and kindness in support of those in need! Today’s kind deed came from members of the younger generation – high school students from 12th class at the National School of Arts “Prof. V. Stoyanov ” where there is a tradition of support for Equilibrium. 

Their class teacher, Nevena Nenova, lit the spark three years ago, when the whole class accepted the idea and… Continue reading

Equilibrium is one of three organizations across the country currently selected by the Iris Donation Programme to receive funding for its BGN 20,000 project to provide support to vulnerable children and their families affected by COVID-19

The programme is providing funding to Equilibrium for the second time as a sign of its appreciation for its contribution to the life and health of vulnerable children through the implementation of its first project “Sustainable Families”. Within a period of 5 months the… Continue reading

In June,  Equilibrium  launched a new project ′′ Sustainable Families ′′ with the financial support of the IRIS Program. The project supported a total of 74 families where there is a risk of crisis – potential for removing children from their homes and a need to preserve the psycho-emotional state of families and improve their awareness to protect against Coronavirus. The selection of the families was carried out on the basis of analysis and assessment of the individual… Continue reading

Today we live in turbulent times – for many difficult and traumatic.

However, a few women from Equilibrium’s social service continued to work despite significant personal risk.

Thanks to Plamena, Svetla Kuncheva, Ganka, Gergana and Sevim. Many thanks!

After three children from the Pink House tested positive for covid-19 and several staff members succumbed several women showed true courage, conscientiousness and loyalty, and remained in their jobs despite their age, the risk and severity of care.

The children who tested… Continue reading