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On 24th February, 2010 Equilibrium (EQ) and Ruse’s Open Society Club (OSC) hosted a press conference in Ruse’s EU Information Office to announce our collaboration in the creation and implementation of an information campaign on the subject of foster care.

It’s our ambition to both improve public awareness of what foster care entails (as opposed to adoption for instance) and to encourage would-be foster parents to come forward. Fortuitously, our initiative coincides with government deinstitutionalization policy as recently publicized which…


Hope_and_Homes_for_Children_logo-150x150Setting up a model for the closure of institutions for babies’ is a joint venture of Equilibrium and Hope and Homes for Children, UK (experts in de-institutionalization in Central and Eastern Europe and Africa).

Bulgaria has reduced the number of children in residential care but the total number of children without permanent parents has not changed much in recent years. Institutions for children under the age of five remain under the management and administration of the Ministry of Health. The…


Picture[2]The third contest was dedicated to the National Day of the Leaders (in the sense of nationbuilding) that fall on 1st November.

The main goal of the organizers from Ruse’s from Art Studio Palitra was to honour the work of the leaders and just like them the children to create their own little world in which more or less to contribute the culture of our country.

Children aged 4 to 18 years from all over Bulgaria sent a total of…


trioOn 31st October, 2009 Equilibrium’s youth club introduced Halloween to the multiethnic child population of the village of Drjanovets.

With adult support from the secretary of the community hall, the mayoress and mum Galya, Annie, Pipi organised the scariest party ever seen this side of Transylvania. Competing for best costume, witches, spider queen, monsters and devils paraded on a stage decorated with hanging skeletons and black balloons. The 20 young participants were treated to cold punch with eyes floating on…


IMG00074The EQ team hosted a training event that extended over a period of two and a half days (22nd – 24th October 2009) and was presented by two representatives of the British organization People First.

Mike Le-Surf is a highly experienced trainer in the field of self-advocacy for those with disabilities. His colleague, James Hamilton, is, in fact, disabled: he has Down’s Syndrome. James is an articulate self-advocate and his account of how close family, friends and supporters cooperate to…


denOn Friday, 9th October, 2009 Equilibrium and the Open Society Club hosted an event in the public reception area of Ruse’s theatre complex.

They were joined in the venture by their valued media partner, Arena Media, for a very important reason (please read on).

Before the EQ team made their various presentations, the audience was addressed by his Excellency, Geoffrey Keating, Ireland’s ambassador to Bulgaria whose informal visit to the social services complex during 2008 was hosted by EQ. He…


KoncertatMany Bulgarian youngsters spend their summer holidays in rural villages with their grandparents while mums and dads work in the cities.

The EQ ‘junior contingent’ decamps from Ruse to Dryanovets about 45 miles away. There the Ruse team joins a group of youngsters from other northeastern cities who share the task of entertaining themselves on a day-to-day basis.

At the start of August, 2009 two budding events organizers, Annie and Sasho, both aged 12, took the bull by the horns,…


yhEQ has had a close relationship with the Complex for Social Services in Ruse since it was first created contributing to staff training, technical assistance and events organization for the younger clientele.

As of 1st July, 2009 we took over the management of the facility and the wide range of social services provided in and around this community hub. We will work in concert with the Open Society Club – old friends – and together we’ve launched an ambitious programme…


beautiful_1EQ has formed a tradition of staging a Christmas event for Ruse’s vulnerable children (recipients of social assistance). We must admit that it’s becoming a challenge to come up with new ideas.

This year, we were ably assisted by Ilya Devedzhiev, a professional entertainer who is an old friend of the team. He compered a highly theatrical event that involved both children and adults performing in a variety of sketches or tableaux that revealed intriguing and colourful traditions from around…