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EQ News

In cooperation with Ruse’s regional history museum, EQ treated to all their friends in the city by hosting a Christmas party.

It was held in the upper floors of the nature and wildlife department on the 15 December, 2005. This part of the building was still under construction so making a mess wasn’t a problem. It also meant that the organiser’s could cleverly create the sense of being in a dark wood by means of special décor and the judicious…


During the years 2005 and 2006, EQ ran a project – “Green Schooling as an Alternative to the Summer Green School’ – with the support of the British Government.

The team works in close proximity to the Bulgarian educational establishment and is aware of the ever-present resentment demonstrated by those working in the state system towards other ‘educators’ and a widespread tendency to denigrate informal youth work. The project was an important component of our ongoing campaign to help eradicate…