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beautiful_1EQ has formed a tradition of staging a Christmas event for Ruse’s vulnerable children (recipients of social assistance). We must admit that it’s becoming a challenge to come up with new ideas.

This year, we were ably assisted by Ilya Devedzhiev, a professional entertainer who is an old friend of the team. He compered a highly theatrical event that involved both children and adults performing in a variety of sketches or tableaux that revealed intriguing and colourful traditions from around… Continue reading

solun2Over the weekend of 6-7 December, 2008 an EQ team attended a conference in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki hosted by the local organization, ARSIS.

This event represented the culmination of the international project ‘Reinforcement of Non-formal Education and the Social Participation of Youth in Youth Centres’ and all seven partners (and five countries) were represented. Each partner gave a presentation featuring research findings relating to the subject of youth centre activity in their various locales and demonstrating a… Continue reading

On 25th November, 2008 the EQ team provided social workers, psychologists and ancillary workers from Ruse’s social welfare complex with a day-long introduction to the gentle art of professional counseling.

The main objective was to demonstrate how practical interventions in the lives of clients, although often essential, seldom lead to personal change. In fact, if repeated or prolonged, intervention can result in dependency or a situation in which the client takes advantage of social welfare resources. A system that is… Continue reading

bg_snejiOn 3rd October, 2008, an EQ team gave a presentation for their Bulgarian peers in the world of Informal Education.

The event took place in the context of the project ‘REINFORCEMENT OF NON FORMAL EDUCATION AND THE SOCIAL PARTICIPATION OF YOUTH IN YOUTH CENTRES’ (EC Youth Programme, Action 5) and the platform was shared by the Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation who outlined their programme for working with young teenagers on the theme of Violence in School / Domestic Violence.

In… Continue reading

bg_moldovanDuring September 2008, EQ played host to a group of visitors to Bulgaria representing the operational presence of “Hope and Homes for Children” (HHC), an UK registered charity, in Moldova and Transnistria. During their visit, the delegates were to visit three facilities representative of local best practice in child care – the Ruse and Shoumen complexes for social services for families and children and the Karin Dom Foundation in Varna.

While visiting the Ruse centre accompanied by Dessislava Encheva (its… Continue reading

bgs_humen1Two more groups of children ‘visited’ Brussels by means of participating in the workshop ‘Institutions and Organisations of the European Union’.

In April 2008 a group of children from ‘Traiko Simeonov’ school in Shumen met with the unforgettable tour leader – Bai Ganyo.

In May 2008 young people from ‘Vazrazhdane’ school in Ruse marked the Day of Europe – 9 May, with new knowledge about the EU and the practicalities of crossing borders, planning a journey throughout the vast Europeland… Continue reading

On the basis of an invitation from David Bisset, Mr. Jeffrey Keating made an informal visit to the social welfare centre on the 8 April, 2008.

Together with Dessi Encheva, the director of the complex, David and Galina Bisset guided his Excellency on a tour of the centre, explained their work with children and families in the community, talked about the club activities and the resources needed to allow the children to spend their free time in the complex.

EQ hosted an exhibition in cooperation with the European Cultural Centre on the theme of ‘The White and Red Cords that unite all Cultures’.

During a seminar, Equilibrium’s chairman had shared a joke with schoolchildren and announced that Britain has martenitsi just like Bulgaria. This photo, taken in England, was shown in proof. The idea grew and resulted in an entire exhibition of images and texts that extended from 28th February until 2nd March, 2008. This meant that the exhibition… Continue reading

web_iglooFun and games with an educational twist – what can you pull off in the depths of winter in a snowbound city in which traffic has ground to a halt?

We needed something to take minds of malfunctioning school boilers, iced up pavements and the ice crashing off the eaves of buildings. In cooperation with our colleagues from the social welfare centre and mates from local outdoor clubs we organized the “igloo festival” on the 18 January 2008.

By cutting… Continue reading

web_training1EQ is participating in an international project, part-financed within the Youth and Culture programme of the European Union.

Seven organizations take part – from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Italy and Finland and the main goal is the reinforcement of informal education and social interaction among young people in community centres or youth clubs. The project is designed to help move away from ad hoc youth activity and to give youth work, especially that undertaken among underprivileged youngsters, shape and purpose.

EQ’s… Continue reading