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A wonderful fertility celebration day reminded everyone that Christmas is coming.

The holiday was held on the 3rd of December at 11 am at the Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration, run by the “Equilibrium” association in Byala. The children from the Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration and the Family Type Center took an active part in the preparation and celebration of the holiday itself. A special quiz related to the subject provoked the knowledge and competitive spirit of the children. The prepared fertility exhibition with baskets, traditional shoes, fruits, vegetables, winter goods, brought especially by the parents of the children from CSRI and employees in the center attracted the most attention of all guests, of course. The children showed excellent knowledge, recognizing berries, like medallions and apple jam, explaining why we use corn and more. They all received certificates for a dignified performance at the Fertility Festival. They ate home-made treats, having a lot of fun.

Finally, the children together planted two trees in the yard of the Center and we promised to take care of them. In the spring they would make us happy with greenery and beautiful colors.