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On September 11, 2019, children who attend EQ’s centre for street children embarked on a day-long programme in the vicinity of Ruse. They could barely contain their excitement. 

First stop was St. Dimitar Basarbovski rock monastery where the children learned about the history of the monastery and the life of the monk Dimitar Basarbovski. In the chapel, the children prayed for their secret desires to be fulfilled before setting off to explore the beautiful landscape in this part of the Rusenski Lom natural…


If the sea could talk, it would tell you that it loves these children and young people with disabilities. And if they could talk – no one would believe such happiness was possible!

For the second year, on the first of September, a group of young people from CNSTMU “Nadezhda” and “Love” left for their long-awaited seaside holiday in the village of Tyulenovo.

Their encounter with the sea filled them with joy and smiles. Touching the sand and the water…


It’s summer! Sunny days full of games and walks.

We woke up to the song of the birds and started walking through the forest. Squirrels were jumping on tree branches, and we watched them with interest. We also came to the lake with water lilies and visited a zoo where we saw interesting animals. We were swinging on the swings. There were many laughs and songs.  We all walked together holding hands like real friends.

The young men and women from…


This was how the American couple who were adopting “B” announced his departure from the special facility where Equilibrium had provided around-the-clock care.

A long journey was about to take place but the couple had prepared meticulously. His new sister, the couple’s own daughter is waiting for him at the family home and another sibling is on the way.

“B” is one of four children who were transferred into the new facility managed by Equilibrium after the closure of the…


28.08.2019, Ruse

For over 15 years, Equilibrium and Child and Space have done their best to support children and families in risk, investing all their powers, human resources and a lot of additional resources so they can provide the best care and support for the most vulnerable ones! We would like to thank everybody who helps us with this challenging mission!

As a result of the hard work of many specialists and the reconnection of the children with their…


For another year, the children and young adults from the Pink House, managed by Equilibrium, had the opportunity to touch the warm sunbeams and the caressing sea waves.

In July, 2019 six of them, accompanied by six carers, went on a health camp in Eco-Centre “Rodni prostori” in Primorsko. The children, the young adults and the carers experienced unforgettable summer adventures, enjoyed the warm and friendly attitude of the staff and the other children in the Eco-Centre. During the so-called…


The young adults from the Centre for Family-Type Accommodation in Byala, managed by Equilibrium, went to summer camp in the village of Kranevo.

They stayed there from 10.08 until 15.08.2019. The children were accompanied by the manager of the centre, Mr. Ivaylo Minkov. Some of the children have never been to the seaside before and the feeling of seeing and touching the sea for the first time in their lives was beyond description. The girls and boys made a lot…


On the occasion of her birthday, Zornitsa Ganeva and her friends from inMusic Bulgaria decide that the money, intended to be spent on presents, must be donated for a charitable cause.

They chose to help for the purchase of vitally important enternal foods for the children in need of constant medical care from Integrated Children’s Services “Slancho”, managed by Equilibrium.

Zori and her team of young people are convinced that this is the most meaningful thing they can do to…


The summer adventures of the young people from “Love” and “Hope” started with a visit to the organic garden in the village of Nadarevo (Targovishte) on 11th July, 2019.

A group of young adults from both centres were hospitably received by the hosts of the organic garden – Apostol Apostolov, the head of Botanica Life Foundation, and his coworkers.

 The foundation undertook a project aiming to involve young people from Bulgaria in learning about sustainable agriculture. It helps them…


For the second year in a row, the CSC team became part of the national campaign on Father’s Day.

On 14th June, 2019 the children, clients of the social service, had a session with the team: “The important male figure in my life”.

The topic of the session was introduced through interactive methods – the puppet – Happy Peppy – asked the children: “When have you felt happy and with whom do you like to spend your time?”



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