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On January 3 – the last day of the festive break – 2 children from the small-group home in Byala acted on their own initiative and, with their friends from the neighborhood, cleaned the litter from parts of the neighbourhood known as Byala Station.

Here is what the youngsters have to say for themselves: “So yesterday we were walking around here and with other children from the neighborhood and I couldn’t help noticing that there was a lot of garbage…


The day before Christmas Eve provided further proof of public generosity and kindness in support of those in need! Today’s kind deed came from members of the younger generation – high school students from 12th class at the National School of Arts “Prof. V. Stoyanov ” where there is a tradition of support for Equilibrium. 

Their class teacher, Nevena Nenova, lit the spark three years ago, when the whole class accepted the idea and…


Today, at the Pink House, our friends @ Alexander Neshev and @ Lyuboslav Mihov delighted the children and young people with new shoes and toys. Because the children do not communicate with words, they expressed their endless joy with big smiles and gasps of joy!

The same two benefactors provided the same gifts for two children from the centre for children in need of permanent medical care and for a young man who is currently cared…


Santa Claus, Snow White and the elves bring gifts for the very special children from the daycare centre. Despite the difficulties of this year and in compliance with all security measures, Christmas comes to all the children in the care of Equilibrium.




December 20, 2020 turned out to be one of the happiest days in this very different and bizarre year for the children from the centre for street children at the complex for social services for children and families. Strictly observing the precautions, with masks on their faces, Snow White and the dwarves greeted the  children and their parents, who had no idea what the purpose of the meeting was and what would happen, namely – handing out their Xmas…


Today, in the small-group homes “Love” and “Hope”, a welcome intruder was caught – a white-bearded old man, with a cane, a red suit and a bag full of gifts … Santa Claus!

He was looking for the best behaved young people in the houses, and they were waiting for him. They secretly hoped that despite the strict  quarantine measures, he would visit them. Festive cheer lasted from morning until bed time with lots of songs…


Together with the social services complex, the Pink House went through a severe ordeal in 2020, but on Christmas Eve everyone is healthy and in a Christmas mood.

Attracted by the lights of the Christmas tree, and perhaps by the goodies on the table (as well as by the impatience of the children), Santa Claus had dropped in and handed out the long-awaited Christmas presents to everyone.

There was a roar of sounds, lights, dances and cheers as the…


Today the children from the small-group home in Byala acted like Santa’s elves spreading cheer among partners and friends of Equilibrium in the district.

The mayor of Byala Municipality, Mr. Slavov, received his first Christmas present and special messages on handmade cards made by the children.

He, in turn, surprised them with a gift – a picture of the new church in the town of Byala. Cards and wishes were also received by the Child Protection Department and other people…


The past year has not been easy for many. People lost their health, loved ones, jobs, security. Many families, broken by the mounting calamities, sank into poverty, not only in the material sense, but also in the sense that involves the  breaking of the spirit.

Patience, compassion, empathy and support are among the treasures provided by the centre for social support situated at the Ruse complex for social services for children and families and managed by Equilibrium. Each…


Equilibrium is one of three organizations across the country currently selected by the Iris Donation Programme to receive funding for its BGN 20,000 project to provide support to vulnerable children and their families affected by COVID-19

The programme is providing funding to Equilibrium for the second time as a sign of its appreciation for its contribution to the life and health of vulnerable children through the implementation of its first project “Sustainable Families”. Within a period of 5 months the…


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