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The summer adventures of the young people from “Love” and “Hope” started with a visit to the organic garden in the village of Nadarevo (Targovishte) on 11th July, 2019.

A group of young adults from both centres were hospitably received by the hosts of the organic garden – Apostol Apostolov, the head of Botanica Life Foundation, and his coworkers.

 The foundation undertook a project aiming to involve young people from Bulgaria in learning about sustainable agriculture. It helps them…


For the second year in a row, the CSC team became part of the national campaign on Father’s Day.

On 14th June, 2019 the children, clients of the social service, had a session with the team: “The important male figure in my life”.

The topic of the session was introduced through interactive methods – the puppet – Happy Peppy – asked the children: “When have you felt happy and with whom do you like to spend your time?”



On Friday 7th June, representatives of Ruse‘s social services came together with school psychologists and pedagogical advisors to consider ways in which we can improve our collaboration to support vulnerable teenagers.

The meeting had been requested by David Bisset who had become concerned about features of recent cases discussed during supervision sessions with a number of groups representing different parts of Equilibrium’s network of social services. There is a clear pattern suggesting that teenagers under the age of 16 are…


On the occasion of 1st June – the International Children’s Day – a celebration was organized for the users of the Day Centre for Children and Young Adults with Disabilities at Slancho. Our friends – the animators from “Veselyatsite” – entertained the children. Everybody sang, danced and had great fun together. Our partners from “Iovis Doni M” LTD also contributed to the children’s happy faces, providing us with the sweetest cake “Slancho”. We would also like to thank “Philadelphia”…


A charitable fashion review – concert organized by “Hearts Without Boundaries” Foundation in March this year raised funds for the purchase of the much-needed oxygen concentrator and ultrasound for the children from the Centre for Family-Type Accommodation for Children and Young Adults with Disabilities in Need of Constant Medical Care and the Day Centre for Children and Young Adults with Disabilities at “Slancho”.

The oxygen concentrator was donated by the chairman of “Hearts Without Boundaries”– Mrs. Diana Poptoneva – on…


A press conference was held on 28th May, 2019 in EQ’s family centre. The event in Ruse is part of the national campaign “Who is responsible for child and family policies in Bulgaria?” , initiated by the National Network for Children.

The objective is to start a discussion on issues that have caused concern for the entire society in Bulgaria the last couple of months. These are children and families and the systems related thereto.

“A debate needs to…


The film is provided by the Goethe Institute, and the event is one of several screenings around the country during May.

The event is part of the National Film Festival for Documentaries “The (im)possible education” of the Society for Democratic Education.

The objective is to focus on alternative forms of education and to provoke debate about the advantages and challenges that education faces in the changing society on a global scale.

The film “Alphabet” in Ruse attracted more than 40…


For a second year in a row, a team of experts from the Centre for Social Support in Ruse and participants in the support group for candidate-adoptive parents, adoptive parents, adopted children and many friends of adoption got involved in the initiative of the Bulgarian Association “Adopted and Adopters” /BAAA/ Stork Day – the day in which the child meets his / her parents.

We celebrated one of the most important events for adoption on 12th May, 2019 with…


5 years ago, no one would have believed that this was even possible! A graduation ball for 4 of the young people from the centres for family-type accommodation “Love” and “Hope”.

It took place on 14th May, 2019. This is not just any old date. On this day, a number of the youngsters removed from large institutions for children and adults with intellectual disabilities walked through the doors of the places they have called home for the last 5…


Equilibrium is a pioneer in the reform of the Homes for Medical-Social Care for Children. In 2009 – 2011, together with the British organisation Hope and Homes for Children – UK, we closed the first of Bulgaria’s 32 baby homes. The facility was in Teteven and it contained 34 children (0 – 3).

We introduced a programme for ACTIVE family support to prevent other children from being placed there. We assessed the children, already placed in the home, and endeavoured to…


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