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Social services


Our care approach draws on many pdf-buttoninfluences but the American approach to behavioural modification known as IMPACT is of central importance.

IMPACT is innovative, multidisciplinary, tailored to each individual, active, continuous and capable of encouraging transformation.

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The family-type accommodation centres “Hope” and “Love” were created under the project “Our children are our responsibility – opening a complex of residential services for children and youth with disabilities” undertaken by Ruse Municipality. Equilibrium has managed the two facilities since the outset.

In the two facilities we provide permanent care of young men and women with severe disabilities who were removed from large, residential institutions for children and young people with mental retardation which were located in remote villages,… Continue reading

The service provides temporary accommodation in a safe environment for a maximum of 4 children who are victims of domestic violence, victims of trafficking, or in a crisis situation. The facility is located in a wing of the Social Services Complex and provides the necessary conditions for children to live in a family-like environment. It provides 24-hour care and a team of professionals who work with the children to overcome their trauma and develop the resilience needed to be reintegrated… Continue reading

It’s summer! Sunny days full of games and walks.

We woke up to the song of the birds and started walking through the forest. Squirrels were jumping on tree branches, and we watched them with interest. We also came to the lake with water lilies and visited a zoo where we saw interesting animals. We were swinging on the swings. There were many laughs and songs.  We all walked together holding hands like real friends.

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A second Annual Information Conference of “Equilibrium” was held on the 22th of May 2018. It was dedicated to the services that the organization runs in Byala from the year 2016 – The Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration and The Family Type Center for Children.

The main participants at the conference were the children of the Family Type Center. In her presentation “Inside Out”, the methodical manager of the two services, Nadezhda Petrova, talked about the efforts that we… Continue reading

Execution period: March 2017 – March 2018

Financial source: Velux Foundations

Role of the organization: subcontractor – a project by the National Network for Children in partnership with the Municipality of Ruse

Expected results:

  • To develop and apply models of services for children in conflict with the law;
  • To contribute fora change of the attitude of the society towards children in conflict with the law;
  • To support the development of a regional working model of the National Network for Children… Continue reading

In June, 2016 Equilibrium signed a contract with Byala Municipality for the management of the Centre for Family-Type Accommodation for Children and Young Adults and the Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration.

We were taking the challenge of providing better living conditions and development for 8 children that were removed from institutional care and placed in the small-group home in Byala. It is indeed a challenge, given the heavy burden of these children from a very early age and the… Continue reading

admin11In 2016 Equilibrium took the responsibility to take care of the most complicated cases in the innovative, integrated services open under a project of Ruse municipality in the closed Home for Medical and Social Care (baby home). Our organization chose a bright and warm name for the three services that it manages – Integrated Children’s Services “Slancho” (“Sunshine”). These are three municipal services that provide children with alternative social and health care, and their parents – with specialized support.

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