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On February 15th and 16th, 2018, the Center for Children’s Rights, managed by “Equilibrium”, held a training course for social and educational professionals on “Family Group Conference – A Successful Practice in Restorative Justice for Children and Adolescents in Conflict with the law “.

The training seminar aimed to familiarize the participants with the main models and practices of child restraint, the nature and the way of holding a Family Group Conference. The training was targeted at a variety of… Continue reading

Children from the sixth grade in “Toma Kardjiev”, “Vasil Aprilov” and the School of Arts marked the end of the academic year with cheerful celebrations.

Over the course of the school year, EQ has organized interactive sessions in each school dedicated to child rights and responsibilities and related subjects like tolerance, communication, managing anger and aggression and other topics chosen by the children.

The clubs are based on the principle of child participation which is essential for the philosophy of The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (article 31). Participation encourages the children to be involved in the processes and to take responsibility. It helps them to create and implement projects and initiatives through which they can express their opinion and they can influence decisions that impact on their lives.

With the support of EQ facilitators, the children organized the celebrations, demonstrating to their peers, teachers and headmasters the products of their work during the year – messages in the form of an improvised booklet showing what interests and fascinates them, how they imagine life in school, at home and in the street. Class teachers received copies of the book as did the children themselves – they were the authors and designers after all.

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On 30th May a local audience was invited to attend the official opening of a new service to be offered at the Ruse complex for social support of children and families.

Part of the second floor of the complex has been extensively re-designed to contain a music room, fitness room, art room and “VIP lounge” as well as office accommodation for a special team that will work intensively with young people who have come into contact with the juvenile justice… Continue reading