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For another year, Santa Claus and the Snow White did not miss to visit the youngsters from the two centers “Love” and “Hope”. On December the 18th, they greeted Santa Claus and the Snow White and together they danced, sang and reciting poems … they took part in a real Christmas story. The catering for the holiday was prepared by the staff of the two centers. As a real big family we created a warm, cozy and exciting…


The youngsters from the two family-based centers “Love” and “Hope” managed by “Equilibrium”, had a feast.

Petya was decorating the yard with balloons and helping the nurses with the organization of the event. It was a surprise for everyone – the music, the decorations and all the smiles around. The youngsters were listening to favorite tunes, dancing and singing. Masterpieces were made with chalk on the ground. It was a celebration for everyone from both teams of the houses.



The youngsters from the family-type Centers for Children and Young People with Disabilities, “Love” and “Hope” – Ruse, again had the chance and the pleasure to enjoy summer adventures in the green forests of the “Lipnik” park and the sea near Tyulenovo.

The boys and girls from the two houses spent two unforgettable weeks in August in a camp at the recreation base of the Ruse Municipality in the “Lipnik” Forest Park in the village of Nikolovo. In the morning…


The young adults cared for in our small-group homes “Hope” and “Love” joined art therapists in creating a fairytale in hues of purple on the ground-floor walls of the two buildings.

Getting the youngsters actively involved in the re-decoration process was expected to be a great opportunity for fun but it was fascinating to recognize their levels of concentration and engagement.  The common room, the games room, corridors, stairwells and dining areas are completely transformed. The work is astonishing.



“Lumos” foundation held a workshop for people working with children and young adults with challenging behavior. It took place in Sofia on the 23th and 24th of March 2017.

Leader of the workshop was Brian McDonald, a psychologist at Ability West, Northern Ireland.

 Ability West is an organization that provides high quality services and help to more than 500 children and adults with intellectual problems. Equilibrium was represented by the manager and the physiotherapist of the group homes…


Silvia is 21 years old, with schizophrenia, severe mental disability and behavioural difficulties. She was born prematurely and the prognosis was bad. She has never been raised in a family environment.

In 1998 the mother signed a declaration of refusal in the presence of a notary and agreed for her child to be entered in the Register for Adoption. From her birth till the age of five Silvia was in the Mogilino institution in the Ruse region. After that she…


20161126_115447Successful and funny was the participation of the children with disabilities from “Love” and “Hope” at the festival “The world is for everyone”!

We thank the organizers! The event marked the upcoming International Day of Persons with Disabilities – 3rd December.

The Governor of Ruse Region, PhD Stefko Burdjiev, greeted the participants and said: “The festival “The world is for everyone” is a proof that we are all equal before Art and creativity. Our youngsters proved this statement…


20160909_181526The boys and girls from the two small-group homes became sea explorers for two weeks during summer camp in Tyulenovo.

The children discovered new sensations and experiences on the welcoming beach between Tyulenovo and Shabla.

The hot sand, the waves, the grass, the smell and taste of the salty water created a whole new world, full of new sensory stimuli, emotions, and challenges for the kids.

For one of the girls, who is blind, the sea, which she touched for…


20160816_110411The young adults with disabilities from the small-group home “Love” had a one-week green adventure.

They had the chance to enjoy the silence, serenity and fresh air of the forest park. The youngsters conquered the paths as real tourists and played freely. Such experiences have a great influence on their overall condition – physical, psychological and emotional. The activities in the open positively affect the children’s 20160816_110321sleep, appetite and tone, and they come back home, smiling and recharged with lots…


10 young adults from “Hope” attended a summer camp in Lipnik park in Nikolovo village from 02 to 09 July, 2016. This was accomplished thanks to the charity bazaars, organized by Equilibrium this year.

The holiday camp was organized with the support of Ruse Municipality which provided the housing in Nikolovo.

The moment the kids got off the bus, they started to look around cheerfully. The time for adaptation was quite short because they felt fantastic, surrounded by the green…