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Equilibrium is a pioneer in the reform of the Homes for Medical-Social Care for Children. In 2009 – 2011, together with the British organisation Hope and Homes for Children – UK, we closed the first of Bulgaria’s 32 baby homes. The facility was in Teteven and it contained 34 children (0 – 3).

We introduced a programme for ACTIVE family support to prevent other children from being placed there. We assessed the children, already placed in the home, and endeavoured to…


On April 17th and 18th over 40 experts from 15 countries in Central and Eastern Europe gathered in Bucharest to discuss the issues of increased concern for children in families divided by work related migration.

Within two days a total of 11 speakers presented the regional perspectives on the situation in their home countries, the challenges for children left behind and professionals working with them, and different support and intervention models. Representative of National Network for Children, Bulgaria,…


On 29th and 30th April, Velux Foundation hosted a conference designed to identify best practices in combating the results of poverty and social marginalization of the Roma population in South Eastern Europe.

The event brought together organisations from Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic whose work brought them in direct contact with the Roma and whose experience enabled delegates to identify key issues and common patterns (things the that various countries have in common) while also…


In the context of the project “Integrated Approach of the Municipality of Ruse for Integration of Roma and Other Vulnerable Groups on the Territory of Municipalities from Ruse District”, as a partner of Ruse municipality in the project implementation, Equilibrium conducted an advanced training for 22 pedagogues from the kindergartens “Snejanka” and “Chervenata shapchica”.

The training focused on topics important to the pedagogues, e.g. establishing a positive care /learning environment for the children in kindergartens that encourages development and…


An informational conference was held in the family centre of Equilibrium on 12th April, 2019. It focused on the results and perspectives of Bulgaria’s First Interactive Family Centre “In the world of early childhood” which was created under a project funded by the Velux Foundations.
David Bisset – the project manager – told the audience the story of the centre, inspired by the partnership with our Scottish and Swedish colleagues. More than 170 families have visited the centre since its…


The traditional charity market of “Equilibrium” in Ruse Mall collected 1780 leva.

The funds will be used for medical supplies, baby supplies and other necessary things to support children and families at risk in 11 social services in Ruse and Byala, managed by “Equilibrium”.

We thank everyone who has chosen hand-made “martenitsy” by children, friends and partners.

Special thanks to the young people from the Professional High School of Clothing who, with their colorful and artistic presence, gave the charity…


Under the banner “Guaranteeing a Happy Childhood”, the State Agency for Child Protection ran a competition by asking municipal authorities to nominate organisations that work with children for the outstanding quality of their work.

Nominations could be made under three categories – Innovation, Successful Change and Sustainable Development. To make matters confusing, Equilibrium was nominated twice. Ruse municipality applauded our work at the new early years’ centre while the local authority in Byala felt those services managed by Equilibrium in…


On November 13th, 2018 in Hall 2 of hotel Rila in Sofia, “International Social Service – Bulgaria” and 5 other NGO`s – “Concordia – Bulgaria” Foundation, “Cedar” Foundation, Association “SOS Children’s Homes – Bulgaria”, “Children and Space” Association and “Equilibrium” Association organized and held a seminar on “Models /pedagogical concepts of residential care implemented in the Center for Children with and without Disabilities managed by NGOs”.

The event was carried out in partnership with the Operational Program “Human Resources Development”…


On November 14th, experts from “Equilibrium” presented the project “Kids voice”, funded by the OP “Human Resources Development”, Priority Axis “Transnational Cooperation” in Veliko Tarnovo.

Representatives from the Child Protection department, from the Social Assistance department and experts from non-governmental organizations in the city, all took part in the round table discussions. The project presents the experience, good practices and the transfer of social innovations for enhancing the capacity of children at their early childhood, their parents and informal leaders…


On October 31st, experts from “Equilibrium” reported on the progress of the “Kids voice” project, funded by the OP “Human Resources Development”, Priority Axis “Transnational Cooperation”.

The round table was attended by representatives of the Administration office of “Health and Social Activities” of the Municipality of Ruse and experts from non-governmental organizations in the city. The project is related to experience, good practices and the transfer of social innovations for enhancing the capacity of children in their early childhood years,…


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