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Ruse Complex News

At the end of the summer, just before the school year, 18 disadvantaged young people from Bulgaria took part in a youth exchange held in the Predeal area, Romania. The exchange took place under a project of the Concordia Bulgaria Foundation, with which Equilibrium has been a partner for years.

The two young people travelled from Ruse were past clients of the complex for social services. Work with them has been completed successfully and now, accompanied by a senior social…


On September 13, 2020, the yard of the Complex for social services for children and families was transformed in an arena for talented children who use social services at the centre for street children (at the complex for social services). The occasion was announced in advance – farewell to the strangest and most different summer!

To start, the participants – the children and their parents, greeted each other and shared their favourite activities.

This was followed by a presentation of…


The team of the Center for Street Children (CRDU) at the Complex for Social Services for

Children and Families joined the national campaign “To be a father”, accepting the challenge

of the Parents Association titled “The connection is important”, celebrating on 21.06. 2020

International Father’s Day.

In compliance with the anti-epidemic measures, a special holiday dedicated to fatherhood and

parental care was prepared for the users of the social service – children, mothers and fathers.

From the very beginning, the…


An online, group session was held for the children from the Centre for Street Children which turned into a mini celebration. The participants greeted each other with songs, poems and good wishes, together solved an interesting crossword puzzle and enjoyed a variety of games..

A drawing competition was also organized on the topic: “My childhood”. Each child received gifts for the holiday – treats, colouring  pads and reading books as well as balloons. And…


Today, the Equilibrium Family Centre hosted the launch of the latest Equilibrium publication dedicated to the children of Mogilino, housed just over 10 years ago in the first family-type centre in the country.

The author of the book – Nadezhda Petrova, long-time leader of the so-called.  Pink House related its history. It’s home to 12 severely disabled children and Nadia reported tremendous progress, and above all the gentle care provided by the…


As of 31.10.2019 in the Complex for Social Services for Children and Families to banish the evil, all kinds of fearsome and terrifying creatures were invited,- spiders, skulls, skeletons, vampires, witches, spirits, black cats …

The organizer of the Halloween party was the witch, who got acquainted with party guests by wrapping them is a spider web. As a good host, she told the story of the pumpkin lantern and involved everyone in “scary games”. The expulsion…


On September 11, 2019, children who attend EQ’s centre for street children embarked on a day-long programme in the vicinity of Ruse. They could barely contain their excitement. 

First stop was St. Dimitar Basarbovski rock monastery where the children learned about the history of the monastery and the life of the monk Dimitar Basarbovski. In the chapel, the children prayed for their secret desires to be fulfilled before setting off to explore the beautiful landscape in…


For another year, the children and young adults from the Pink House, managed by Equilibrium, had the opportunity to touch the warm sunbeams and the caressing sea waves.

In July, 2019 six of them, accompanied by six carers, went on a health camp in Eco-Centre “Rodni prostori” in Primorsko. The children, the young adults and the carers experienced unforgettable summer adventures, enjoyed the warm and friendly attitude of the staff and the other children in the Eco-Centre. During the so-called…


For the second year in a row, the CSC team became part of the national campaign on Father’s Day.

On 14th June, 2019 the children, clients of the social service, had a session with the team: “The important male figure in my life”.

The topic of the session was introduced through interactive methods – the puppet – Happy Peppy – asked the children: “When have you felt happy and with whom do you like to spend your time?”…


For a second year in a row, a team of experts from the Centre for Social Support in Ruse and participants in the support group for candidate-adoptive parents, adoptive parents, adopted children and many friends of adoption got involved in the initiative of the Bulgarian Association “Adopted and Adopters” /BAAA/ Stork Day – the day in which the child meets his / her parents.

We celebrated one of the most important events for adoption on 12th May, 2019…


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