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Ruse Complex News

The final surprises at the end of the summer holidays continue.

On 13.09., the children from the Complex for Social Services visited the Zoo Center in the town of. Dobrich, with 350 most varied, different, rare, endangered or rescued animals. After the tour of the zoo, they visited the rope park, which was full of laughter, fun and games. We are grateful for the happines

The children from the small-group home “The Pink House” enjoyed the hospitality of the fishing village of Tyulenovo.

The pictures speak more than any words. Joy, smiles, sun and sea! Like children eveywhere!




The Equilibrium team and the Social Services Complex for Children and Families – Ruse once again expresses its huge thanks to the students and staff of the Frederick Schiller School for their donation of food for children who are not currently raised by their parents, as well as families who are having difficulty meeting the needs of their children. The noble gesture is a continuation of the annual initiative of the Youth Parliament at the school linked to International… Continue reading


We accept 2005 as a turning point not only for us, but also for the child protection system in Bulgaria. Until then, the country had, as social services, only a few daycare centres for children with disabilities. Then, under a project of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, funded by the World Bank, 10 complexes for social services for children and families  were launched. The project „ Reform for improving the well-being… Continue reading

For another year, the three social services of the Complex for Social Services for Children and Families – Ruse are included in the campaign “Let’s clean Bulgaria together”.

Employees from the Centre for Public Support and the Centre for Working with Street Children cleaned the adjacent kindergartens of the Complex. The young clients of the services also planted crocuses. In the “Pink House”, our small-group home, the courtyard was cleaned, the youth, with the help of the… Continue reading

From 20.06.2022 to 25.06.2022, Natalia, Kaloyan, Feidan and Sasho, accompanied by five staff members, were on a summer camp in the seaside village of Tyulenovo, Shabla municipality.

Times change, people, policies, wars are fought and hardly anyone feels certain about anything. But the kind villagers always make us feel welcome and the youngsters truly love being at the seaside. Feeling the sea waves splashing, Feidan smiled and parted with them with difficulty. Natalya, on the other… Continue reading

Heartfelt thanks to the whole team of Vitte Automotive who have provided the young clents of the Ruse complex with a fantastic punching bag and ball pump for the gymnasium and handset, microphone, camera and stationery that helps with our distance learning programme and creative workshops.

Best wishes from the whole EQ team!



We offer our sincere thanks to the Ruse artist Ognyan Balkandzhiev who coached a young client from the social services context. Under his tutelage, her talent has emerged.

While working with our team it had become clear that Nadia’s love of art could develop into something special if she was given the right encouragement and gently pushed to do her best.

Ognian has kindly provided professional standard paint brushes and paper to help Nadia on her creative journey.

We are… Continue reading

Families and local businesses made the Christmas and New Year holidays for the three services of the Social Services for Children and Families even more complete and joyful!

Clients received gifts thanks to “Operation: Teddy Bear” and from their peers from two Russian schools – Suse “Konstantin Kiril Philosoph” and Supridh “Friedrich Schiller “. Through the National Children’s Network, the Magic campaign has been implemented. Give a book to a child, “and every child received a book… Continue reading

To aid the brightest of Christmas celebrations, Santa Claus dropped in to the Ruse centre for working with street children. It soon became apparent that he needed the help of parents and children because Rudolf had got himself stuck in the snow. Guitar music helped him stay calm while two teams set about the rescue mission. Father Christmas and his three helpers – Snow White, Snowflake and Jujanka were welcomed by the children and the service team although there were… Continue reading

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