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Ruse complex


The final external evaluation of the Voice of Adversity Project was carried out in the period June-August 2022, with the participation of the Equilibrium Association team, heads of partner organizations in five pilot districts of the country (Vidin, Plovdiv, Ruse, Sofia and Shumen), mentors and people whose voices are heard – children, youth and parents involved in the project due to the need for support from the child protection system, social services and programs. A team of… Continue reading

The Ruse family centre for early childhood development was created as a part of a project, funded by The Velux Foundations, Denmark and as a response to the needs and aspirations of families with small children.
In very simple terms, our aim is to help parents (caregivers) be the best they can in their roles as mothers and fathers.
Our first steps in the context of the project included extensive talks with mums and dads to make sure our future… Continue reading

Purpose of the survey conducted in six kindergartens in Ruse:

  • To determine the attitudes and awareness of professionals working with young children regarding the signs of domestic violence and aggression.
  • To determine their ability to deal with the issue analytically and to work with both the children and their parents towards a solution.

The survey revealed the following results:

  • 52% of respondents find that they need additional information on work practices directed towards  prevention of violence in… Continue reading
  • You may like information about our activities and current initiatives in which you can become involved. Go on…contact us. We’d love to hear from you and there are many, many things you can help us with.

  • You may want to do something for children and especially those who are most vulnerable because they have special needs or are victims of abuse, neglect or deprivation due to poverty. We work directly with children and families every day. We need practical things… Continue reading

Another school year is about to start and EQ’s summer programme has come to an end. The young participants devised their own finale that enabled them to share their memories of fun, adventure and personal achievement with an appreciative audience.

Combining words, music and dance –each to his own – they brought their summer experience to life and we shared their memories of the various clubs we offered and their time spent at camp on the Shoumen plateau.

The youngsters… Continue reading

What is the Complex for Social Services for Children and Families (CSSCF) in Ruse?

The complex is delegated by the state to provide community services to support children and their families as an alternative to institutional care for children at risk. It was founded in 2005 under a project of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, “Welfare Reform for Children in Bulgaria”, financed mainly by the World Bank. From 2005 to 2009 the complex was managed by the “CARE” – Bulgaria and then its offshoot “EKIP”.

Equilibrium has been providing integrated services for children and families in the complex since 2009 and under EQ’s management, the complex has built a national reputation and international recognition as one of the most advanced practices in the care of children and families.

How can the Complex help? Find out here

A brief history of Ruse’s Complex of Social Services for children and families can be read here

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    A human approach

    “Recognizing the worthy aspects of your environment and learning to nurture them in a spirit of optimism and respect is a profoundly transformational experience. EQ teaches people to take personal responsibility for their own futures – it’s as simple as that.”
    — Extracted from EQ’s mission statement

    In the approach to any undertaking, attitude is everything. We try very hard to ensure that a spirit of humour and optimism pervades everything that we do. It energizes the team and rubs off on the clients. We seek a lightness of touch in our work and, in our early approach to the complex, we’ve set about defrosting all things clinical and replacing all things rigid with more malleable alternatives. Standards and guidelines are important but they need to be imbedded in a culture that runs on common sense and human responsiveness.

    We have a variety of different characters within the extended EQ team and they express themselves in different ways. However, we share a conviction that shapes our approach. Among the children and families that we work with there is a common characteristic – relationships between individuals and the world around them are out of kilter. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the individual that precludes inclusion and there’s no point in trying to change the world on a grand scale (using a sledgehammer to crack a nut). It’s a question of striking a balance between human needs and aspirations and achievable circumstances – creating Equilibrium.

    read more…

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    Here are some materials of best practice produced by the members of the complex staff. If you’d like to read something in particular, please send us an e-mail with your request on: ksuds@eq-bg.com

    First steps at the age of eleven or how the impossible becomes possible

    ‘As she was playing on the mattress, Ventsa sat up, stood with almost completely stretched legs and holding my hand, she hugged me. I hugged her too and she turned around and went back… Continue reading