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Mentoring in Storytelling, Self-Advocacy and Community Activism, in the context of Bulgarian social services

In the context of our project – Voices of Adversity- we took a very particular approach to the mentoring of representatives of vulnerable groups to encourage them to tell us their personal stories and to think about advocating for themselves and others like them.

Our approach was designed to take account of the particular circumstances that prevail in the delivery of social services in Bulgaria and… Continue reading


The final external evaluation of the Voice of Adversity Project was carried out in the period June-August 2022, with the participation of the Equilibrium Association team, heads of partner organizations in five pilot districts of the country (Vidin, Plovdiv, Ruse, Sofia and Shumen), mentors and people whose voices are heard – children, youth and parents involved in the project due to the need for support from the child protection system, social services and programs. A team of… Continue reading

In Bulgaria it is difficult to openly and visibly engage with disadvantaged children and families.
It is difficult to be totally transparent about difficulties they face and to create public awareness of their needs and aspirations.

Link: https://www.epaper.dk/velux01/mscw_deinstitutio_wp2021/?fbclid=IwAR0t7DcPtXveHiqvrcrTb-qSkBKoj3ZxdPbI1GqyvPBOEXmp35dZhYZ49m0

The Velux Foundations (Denmark) have invested generously in Bulgaria in the context of their programme ‘Social Initiatives – International’. In the winter of 2020, EQ’s David Bisset was invited to contribute to the organization’s series of publications on the subject of systemic change. The book – Deinstitutionalization in Bulgaria: Making Systemic Change Work – is the result of the Danish / Bulgarian cooperation. Reference is also made to parallel undertakings in Romania and Moldova.

It was a daunting… Continue reading

Christmas Gift – a charity Christmas campaign of the Equilibrium

 You can make Christmas for children and families at risk more beautiful and happier!

Choose a Christmas Gift for your relatives and friends!



How can you do this?


Decide which Christmas gifts you would like to buy on behalf of your relatives and friends. We will then send you an electronic voucher for each selected Christmas Gift. You can give it as a gift instead of… Continue reading

This film presents the activities of project “Tactile Workshop for Equal Opportunities in the Community”, undertaken by Equilibrium in Ruse Regional History Museum.

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