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Our experience

Purpose of the survey conducted in six kindergartens in Ruse:

  • To determine the attitudes and awareness of professionals working with young children regarding the signs of domestic violence and aggression.
  • To determine their ability to deal with the issue analytically and to work with both the children and their parents towards a solution.

The survey revealed the following results:

  • 52% of respondents find that they need additional information on work practices directed towards  prevention of violence in… Continue reading

Here are some materials of best practice produced by the members of the complex staff. If you’d like to read something in particular, please send us an e-mail with your request on: ksuds@eq-bg.com

First steps at the age of eleven or how the impossible becomes possible

‘As she was playing on the mattress, Ventsa sat up, stood with almost completely stretched legs and holding my hand, she hugged me. I hugged her too and she turned around and went back… Continue reading

Complex for social services for kids and families, Ruse: our approach to preventing aggressive behaviour among our young clients Violence against/ among children is an extremely serious problem.

Its impact on domestic harmony and schooling has serious consequences for child development. The team at KSUDS, Ruse has developed a repertoire designed to help prevent violence and aggressive self-expression and to provide children with the capability to resolve conflicts amicably. We conduct the following activities with children and parents –

•… Continue reading

According to Richard Dattner, landscape architect, ‘It’s become increasingly hard to be playful’ – this is the way he comments on how “something is lost” with new designs in playground equipment.

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