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Our team

EQ does not operate a payroll and our overheads are low.

The dolphin is a banner that allows a consortium of childcare professionals to dedicate time and effort to a shared mission. Those who are not founding members were invited to join and this has led to the creation of a highly cohesive, productive and happy team.

This has given us certain advantages:

  • Our growth has been closely managed and our mission has never been compromised
  • Our engagement with regional… Continue reading

galinaFamily belongs at the heart of everything

In Bulgaria, every child of my generation had to go to kindergarten after turning three years – the law required mothers to work. My mother could not disobey. She worked far from home and traveled by public transport. This meant I spent 8-9 hours in kindergarten every week-day 

I was often sick as a toddler and this meant I went to be looked after by my grandma in the village… Continue reading

David Bisset

David Bisset

All children have a talent. Sometimes they have several. You make your mark on the world by passionately pursuing what you are good at.

When I first entered primary school I had great problems learning to write and this had an impact on everything I did in the classroom. Because I struggled to write, I was seen to be “backward”. Because I became upset, I was seen to be unstable. Because I reacted negatively to the way I… Continue reading


Elena Petkova

You never know who or what will determine your path in life. You cannot assume who your greatest teachers will be. And thank goodness for that!

I’d like to tell you a little about my brother. I can hardly give him the credit for providing my mission in life but bear with me please.

We were born a year apart and were very close although you wouldn’t know it if you saw us squabble.

He seemed… Continue reading

Mariana Velikova

Mariana Velikova

The participation of children in family efforts prepare them for life.

I’d like to share my first experiments in business. When I was at a school girl, I spent my summer holidays  in the countryside with my grandparents who grew all sorts of vegetables and fruit.They didn’t use herbicides and sometimes hings grew in strange shapes and sizes but they always tasted fabulous and not like te stuff you find in supermarkets that have been grown… Continue reading