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Picture[2]The third contest was dedicated to the National Day of the Leaders (in the sense of nationbuilding) that fall on 1st November.

The main goal of the organizers from Ruse’s from Art Studio Palitra was to honour the work of the leaders and just like them the children to create their own little world in which more or less to contribute the culture of our country.

Children aged 4 to 18 years from all over Bulgaria sent a total of 610 paintings and a selection of other artwork representative of how they perceived the shape of their “personal worlds” – those they occupied or ideal versions conjured up from their imaginations.

As in every competition and in this one had to be certain winners. Galya and David were invited to participate in the jury and joined the artists Stephen Petrov and Julia Penkova to select the finalists – 28 children divided into four age groups. The jury also gave 4 “outstanding performance” awards to schools representing different cities in the country. Equilibrium had the pleasure to provide prizes and a special award for winners in different categories. See the names of winners here. The organisers said that all the awards will be mailed through the post office and asked if somebody don’t receive his award to write to: palitra@dir.bg

We invite anyone who wants to touch the pure and wonderful kids world to examine the exhibition of some of the works which will be arranged on 16th of November 2009 on the second floor of the library “Liuben Karavelov” in Ruse. Those who can’t make it to the library will have the opportunity to see all the artwork at the Ruse complex where it will be on permanent display.