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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVibrant, scary, spooky but great fun.

We have a tradition of hosting Halloween events that extends back over a decade. The children absolutely love them and put a great deal of effort into their preparations.

Participants were drawn from among the young clients of the complex, from the family-type homes for children with disabilities Love and Hope. Additionally, a group traveled from Byala where EQ managers are involved in the DI project that involves the creation of a new family-type home for teenagers.

The traditional  games and competitions were a test of nerves seeing as they involved worms, mummies, zombies, spiders and bats all crawling, flying or hovering in the gymnasium at the complex.

The costumes, makeup and freaky hairstyles said a great deal about the imagination of the children and drew into question the total sanity of a few of our adult team.

All participants received treats and prizes recognizing the skill, effort and commitment they had put into their efforts.

The celebration marked the beginning of new friendship among the children and a new working relationship between Ruse and Byala .