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20160626_094353For the second year in a row Equilibrium manages to provide summer camps for the kids from the small-group homes and from the complex.

This was accomplished thanks to the charity bazaars, organized by Equilibrium and supported by many people from Ruse.

10 kids, with whom the Complex works, attended a summer camp in Tjulenovo, and combined their journey there with several tourist sites, which they saw for the first time. They were thrilled. The Madara Horseman, the “Yard of the Cyrillic alphabet” in Pliska and the old capital provided the children with the opportunity to touch historical events and to get acquainted with our country’s past.

But the main goal was the beach in Tjulenovo. It offered the kids many new adventures – they learnt how to swim, they observed with interest the small crabs and shrimp by the rocks, collected mussels and seashells, which, later during the day, they turned into unique amulets – souvenirs from the seaside.  

The children’s adventures were enriched with an excursion to Shabla, they visited the new historical centre “Ongal”, where they dived into Bulgarian history in an interactive way. The unique Cape Kaliakra, 2 km into the sea, fascinated the youngsters not only with the view, but also with its legend. As is the tradition, the kids organized “Talents’ Show” on the last evening of the camp. They presented a whole spectrum of emotions and feelings, creativity and imagination in a way, typical for children – loud and direct.

The adventures continued on the way back to Ruse with new places and surprises – The Botanical Garden in Balchik, the dolphinarium and the sports hall in Varna

The stories about the sea and the excursions continue. The children keep on sharing their memories and adventures – changed, illuminated and enriched.