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A day spent in dramatic natural surroundings close to Kapinovski Monastery provoked positive emotions during an improvised teambuilding for the teams from the centres for social support and street children from the Ruse complex.

Here are some of the responses shared by team members:

“Complete way of exploring the team and exchanging experience.” – Bedina

“A fruitful time, filled with many positive emotions. Teamwork, bringing together the two teams and maintaining physical activity. “- Mariana

“Fruitful. A great time together.” – Sasho

“In my opinion, what we did  was very nice. I think it brings us together and we are all truly entertained. However, I do not think ‘teambuilding’ is the right word for our group nobody started as an outsider. “- Ina

“It was useful for grooming the team, refreshing and enjoyable. I got to know my colleagues better and we had fun together. “- Emilia

“I was happy to be part of it. Saw others in a light in which I liked them even more. “- Nadia

“Positive experience for both teams in my opinion. We come back to the complex engaged and ready to work together. We all believe we should do this more often. “- Ralitsa

“The experience today was an excellent way the team to spend time together without being involved in everyday professional activities. Members of both teams share great emotions.  Games, songs and dances reminded us that each one of us has a child inside. “- Hristina

“A nice day has been done with the colleagues in which we managed to get to know yourself outside the work environment, to bring together the two teams and improve communication between them. We return loaded with positive emotions. “- Rengar

“Totally informal and exciting! Opportunity to explore both my own team and the other group!”- Dari