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10 young adults from “Hope” attended a summer camp in Lipnik park in Nikolovo village from 02 to 09 July, 2016. This was accomplished thanks to the charity bazaars, organized by Equilibrium this year.

The holiday camp was organized with the support of Ruse Municipality which provided the housing in Nikolovo.

The moment the kids got off the bus, they started to look around cheerfully. The time for adaptation was quite short because they felt fantastic, surrounded by the green woods and the familiar scene from last year’s stay in the villa with its big and comfortable bedrooms. The youngsters spent their days walking into the woods and along the avenues, under the shade of the villa’s terrace and looked constantly excited and revived. We saw with our own eyes how they became energized – even the most passive and static ones walked with desire and cheer. After the long walks they ate heartily and went to bed calm and content.

     The staff members share their excitement from what they’ve seen and experienced with the kids – their joy, their small accomplishments, which for them are enormous steps in their development, their relaxed and happy faces, their will to move and explore the woods around, to discover a world, which brings new feelings and emotions to them.

     The young adults from “Love” are looking forward to their summer camp, too, at the beginning of August.