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The day before Christmas Eve provided further proof of public generosity and kindness in support of those in need! Today’s kind deed came from members of the younger generation – high school students from 12th class at the National School of Arts “Prof. V. Stoyanov ” where there is a tradition of support for Equilibrium. 

Their class teacher, Nevena Nenova, lit the spark three years ago, when the whole class accepted the idea and were inspired to involve their families in the good cause. Since then, teenagers in her class have risen to the challenge of fundraising and inspiring those around them to get involved. 

This year, the students  have raised BGN 400, which they gave to Vyara Marinova for the purchase of an aspirator for a child with complex disabilities. Vyara has been a foster parent for several years.

The class members were rewarded with certificates from Equilibrium. Thank you, Mrs. Nenova and thanks to the youngsters in your class!  Happy holidays and wishes of health and success in 2021.