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The ninth of November was a special day for the disabled young people from the Family Type Accommodation Centre for Children and Young People with Disabilities “The Pink House” run by Equilibrium. Everyone had been preparing for this day for a long time.

Nine young people from the house received God’s blessing at their holy baptism from His Eminence, Metropolitan Bishop of Ruse and Iconoslav Georgiev.

Their godparents Plamen Velikov, Svetlana Velikova, Iskren Veselinov, Galina Valcheva, Rumyana Vassileva, Maria Indzheva, Mariana Popova, as well as Elena Petkova and Ani Dimitrova, who became godparents of the children, were also overwhelmed with excitement.

The young people received many gifts from them and shared their celebration with all the guests!

We would like to thank our colleagues Veneta Pavlova, Totko Valkov and the whole team from “The Pink House” who prepared the celebration, as well as all the guests who attended it. Let us continue to carry the faith and hope in the good in our souls!