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Sharing Learning

  • Interactive module ‘Institutions and Organisations of the EC’

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  • Interactive modules and presentations for children and young people in schools, their teachers and pedagogical advisers.

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  • Training programme EQspert for specialists in education, health and the social sphere.

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  • Organising study visits for peers from healthcare, education and the social services from Bulgaria and abroad.

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  • Centre for Creativity and Youth Activism follows two avenues – ‘Music Academy’ and ‘Bold Volunteer’

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david_on_experiental_educatonDavid Bisset is EQ’s chief executive. Here he writes on the subject of EQ’s educational approach.

‘The promotion of Experiential Education is in tune with the times but I dislike the mystique that is currently attached to the word ‘experiential’ by devotees to a method that is too often touted an ‘enlightened’ alternative to the traditional didacticism of the classroom. Neither regime can produce optimum results without the support of the other.

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