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12900189_1325230510838803_675610770_nThe project focuses on Positive Parenting and prevention of aggression among or directed towards very young children. To celebrate completion of the second phase we brought together children, kindergarten staff, mums and dads in the two facilities in which we piloted the project – Pinocchio and Mermaid,

The campaign has been positively received in a further four kindergartens and feedback is highly encouraging because it reveals the extent to which parents and childcare professionals share the feeling that improvement in their own interactions and relationships has a positive impact on the children. The philosophy of the campaign entails creating an environment conducive to active listening and developing respect for the perspective of child, parent and teacher.

Work in each kindergarten ends with interactive theatre and the application of motifs taken from fairytales to demonstrate a transition from “grumpy parenting” to Positive Parenting. An EQ publication has been distributed that allows parents to develop an understanding of home life from the perspective of their children. The content is child-friendly and uses pictures, emoticons and game formulae.

The campaign is still in progress. The EQ team is working in the Zora kindergarten and – as interest is widespread – we expect to continue the work in other parts o the city.