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The charity bazaar in Mall Rousse ended on 1st March – Baba Marta day.

Dozens of helpers had created martenitsi on our behalf and EQ personnel, volunteers and foster parents formed the “sales team” that succeeded in raising 2554 leva to support EQ’s activities with children and families.

Indeed, young clients of the Ruse complex were heavily involved. They not only produced martenitsi but took part in events at the mall on the final day.

Inevitably, activity at the mall involved a great deal more than selling martenitsi, cards and other examples of craft-work. The music of a  young flautist provoked a crowd to gather around our spring tree, both to attach a flower to one of its many branches and to receive a personal token to take away – a lucky charm to provide health, happiness and good fortune.

Once again, the EQ team was joined by friends from among the city’s artistic community and students from the school of textiles and design equipped to provide hairstyling, manicures and make-up.

EQ cares for 39 children and young adults with significant special needs and the funds raised will help us provide summer holidays for these youngsters as well as young clients of the centre for street children.

We campaign constantly to help secure the funding and resources we need to provide events and activities for the children we work with. We are blessed with the support of people of all ages and we are hugely grateful for their varied contributions.