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12025424_965801926826275_1121267554_nAt the invitation of the event organizer, Information and Nature, EQ participated in the event “200 herbs – two million jobs” at the Agricultural University in Plovdiv. Our team ran a charity booth under the banner of “Herbs with a mission.” Especially important was the participation, albeit remote, of young clients of the Ruse complex. They contributed to a decorative banner dedicated to the topic “Herbs – Source of Life” which was exhibited among posters from more than 30 children of eco clubs in Plovdiv. The exhibition impressed the VIP guests at the event – specialists from the Ministry of Environment and Water and others who took souvenirs made by the children to decorate heir offices in the ministry.

Children from Ruse had prepared small gifts for their peers from Plovdiv and the event organizers also bought herbs to provide to the other children.  All children (including those from the Ruse complex) who contributed to the exhibition received certificates acknowledging their efforts.

12207713_965802653492869_251931587_nMany good things arise from EQ involvement in the Plovdiv event – new friends and partners for our organisation, a boost to the self-esteem of our young entrepreneurs and funding of 288 leva for future undertakings. The funds will be used to expand and develop herb gardens tended by children from the Ruse complex to enrich the variety of medicinal plants and improve the overall care of the plots.

 Herbs are both part of the aromatherapy used for children with special needs from the Pink House and work / educational therapy for children from the centre for street children.

12231485_965804196826048_1689943515_nThose children involved in and around the herb gardens learn the simple dynamics of sustainable business that supports conservation and biodiversity. Their efforts help pay for the regular events we provide for them throughout the year.