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dsc09806For the eleventh year in a row the complex for social services became the host of a creepy assemblage of demons, ghosts, vampires, werewolves and other creatures spreading out fear, panic and terror.

The witch, who had the leading role at the event, welcomed her “bloodthirsty” fellows from all over the world and introduced them to the evil plan of snatching the “Halloween treasure” and only Anabel (a creepy doll) knew where it was hidden. Everybody agreed with the commander of the dark and evil forces, the witch, and set about their tasks.

Separated in three teams, the participants had a leader each. They passed through different obstacles and missions, thus finding parts of the code for Anabel’s hiding place. When the quest was over, it became clear where the treasure itself was hidden. The gold was distributed equally among  all the horrific creatures.

 The Halloween party finished with the handing out of certificates for a job well done and with a predatory assault and devastation of the pumpkin cake. For another year in a row the good and the team spirit predominated over the evil forces. This year the children from the family-type accommodation in Byala were one of the best sorcerers in the night of All Saints and this was a new and surprising experience for them.

 Regardless of the controversy over this feast, it brings children the spirit of play and amusement and becomes a cause for them to have fun, to believe in the power of Good over Evil. The children with whom we work need this to be proved every day.