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On the 31st of October 2017, in the afternoon, the gym of the Social Services Complex, following an old tradition, was filled with spirits, witches, bats and other terrifying creatures (children of different ages, users of the Center for Work with Children on the Street, the Center for Public Support and Children’s Rights Center).

Everyone had come to celebrate Halloween, but to their surprise, “Evil” came to them. It rose from the underworld of darkness, darkness and horror and wanted to break the feast, to conquer all and to reign forever. Then, of course, “Good” came out with the help of their Halloween-helpers, who urged all the terrible creatures to join forces and drive “Evil” away forever. After a series of trials set by “Evil”, his strength gradually diminished and finally it was defeated by the common efforts of the children. The kingdom of “Good” reigned. The victory was celebrated with a rich feast and many dances and songs.