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If the young residents of the two small-group homes could talk for on their own behalf and on the part of the care teams, they would tell you a 10-year story filled with many difficulties, but also much love; many challenges, but also many successes; many changes that stressed them, but also much care that calmed them, many crises, but also much hope and concerted efforts to make them happy.

Ten years ago, to the day, on 14.05.2014, they stepped on the threshold of the houses, removed from the big institutions where some of them had lived for as long as 20 years.

They would tell you how they went for the first time to the seaside never having seen the sea, went to camps in the woods, to the library, the natural history museum, the shopping mall, to the store, to the candy shop, to the hairdresser, to dozens of public events.

Today we celebrate their successes, achieved with support from our teams with hard work, love and perseverance.

And today they can’t talk (although many of them now communicate with individual words and through digital devices), but they can demonstrate with their smiles, their skills, their demeanour, their many certificates and diplomas that “Love matters – they can now do many things like other youngsters”!

This was our message at today’s 10th anniversary, which we celebrated today together with many guests dear to us – the Mayor and other representatives of the Ruse Municipality, the Social Assistance Directorate, professionals who are part of the history of the two houses, donors, doctors and institutions without whom we would not have made it through all these years!

The Mayor of Ruse Municipality – Pencho Milkov presented a plaque of appreciation for the joint work to the manager of the two houses – Plamena Stefanova.

At the celebration took place the premiere of the new film of “Equilibrium”, made by “Arena Media”, dedicated to the individual progress of each of the young people.

We are most grateful to the people who have worked selflessly during these 10 years in both houses!

If our youth could talk, they would tell you what Love is and what Hope is! They will show you what they are capable of in short two-minute videos that we will upload to our communication channels.

Many congratulations to everyone involved!