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804665_713624458739610_760888433_nShowing its green credentials, Equilibrium raised funds by participating in “Fruits of the Earth” in Muzeyko, an event organized by Slow Food – Bulgaria. It was part of the very first “Terra Madre, Bulgaria” that focused on diversity in organic agriculture.

The EQ initiative was called “Herbs with a Mission” and it attracted the attention of guests and participants from throughout Bulgaria and from overseas.

The herbs are cultivated and gathered by young clients of EQ and this includes those with disabilities. These activities provide sensory stimulation and help teach new physical and cognitive skills and increase mobility and social confidence.

Young clients actively contribute to EQ fundraising raising money to help support our traditional adventure-oriented summer camps and invaluable physical therapy and rehabilitation for those children with physical disabilities. This is a genuine example of child participation whereby the children learn to take personal responsibility in the context of actions that benefit a larger group.

As it says in our literature, children cannot choose their parents, the circumstances in which are born nor the conditions under which they live. Equilibrium helps them to make the best of the resources at their disposal. It is important that they become aware of and cherish the things of value in their environment and to take responsibility for shaping their own futures.

Thanks to all our new associates and friends who supported our mission!

Speciall thanks to Desislava Dimitrova – coordinator of Slow Food – Bulgaria, who invited us and provided invaluable support to our venture. The teams at the Children’s Science Centre “Muzeyko” – Sofia were wonderful hosts and provided a unique venue for the public market in which we participated. Greetings and best wishes to the dedicated producers of slow food  – our friends in this adventure from Cherni Vit, Gorno Draglishte, Bansko, Vratsa, Stara Zagora, Rusee, Belica and so on.

Thank you from the heart!

The 604 leva we raised will contribute to the 2016 summer camps for 15 children from the centre for street children, 14 children with significant special needs from the Pink House and 25 disabled children and young adults from the family-type homes, Love and Hope.