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IMG_7093The Ruse Complex for social services received an unique donation – ‘philosophical’ jewelery made by students and teachers from the city’s School of Clothes Design and Tailoring ‘Nedka Ivan Lazarova’.

There is a tradition in the school that, every year, on 17th November – the World Day of Philosophy – students and teachers become artists and creators of ‘philosophical’ jewelery.This year the children decided to give some of their masterpieces for charity. The teenagers also wanted to help the children who visit the complex by helping to make Christmas cards and other souvenirs. The ‘philosophical’ jewelery, cards and other items will be sold from 21st to 23rd December in the city centre in one of the huts of the Winter Village, which is the traditional Christmas marketplace.

We shall spend the money that will be collected to organize our 2011 Christmas event and to provide gifts for the children who are using the services of the complex.