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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA19th December, 2011: Santa Claus and Snow White gave Christmas gifts to 60 youngsters at Ruse complex for social services.

A hall thronging with people and ringing with Christmas cheer was the venue for our 2011 event that allows Equilibrium and Open Society Club to play host to clients and friends of the complex.

We invited our guests to share the warmth of a traditional Bulgarian festive celebration and students from the drama club of the Professional High School of Tourism “Ivan P. Pavlov” recreated the motifs and customs of a traditional Bulgarian Christmas Eve, that involved the children sitting around on the colourful rugs fully absorbed in the atmosphere that their older friends created. The drama group fulfilled traditional family roles and ritually welcomed the young carol- singers from the complex by distributing ancient tokens of hospitality.

The fabulous folk dancers from “Igraortzi” School with choreographer Bogdan Donev had the audience clapping and stamping their feet.

As the finale, Santa Claus and Snow White arrived with two sacks of presents. Every child – after assuring Santa that they had been on their best behaviour all year – received a package in exchange for a verse or song.

We’d like to thank our partners from Arena Media who provided the sound equipment.

The children from the Pink House had Santa all to themselves on December 22nd – Stories, fun, games and gifts and activities accompanied a glorious lunch.