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[2]applesOn Friday, 30th October, 2009, the staff at the complex donned ghoulish costumes and entertained our young clients in a Halloween celebration.

The event was compered by Terrible AnTionetta (Toni – our art therapist) a cheerful witch. She greeted the special guests from Romania, Count Dracula (David) and his delectable but utterly demonic companion, Evil Eleonora (Eli) who were on a special mission. They needed to select a number of nasty creatures for the count’s exotic collection from among the children plating trick-or-treat. The poor kids were getting more than they bargained for – winners would be whisked off to join the undead at the count’s castle.

The chosen few received certificates signed (in blood) by the count himself on behalf of Equilibrium. The count explained that he and Evil Eleanora were a bit like social workers. They knew what to do with naughty children even if their methods were a little unorthodox – roasting or stewing.

The games were suitably yucky and messy and they led up to Halloween goodies for eating – pumpkin pastries and cakes in the shape of Halloween lanterns.

Adults and children (including our youngsters from the Pink House) had a dreadful time – but that was the whole point.

Many thanks to all those who risked their lives to attend.